James Heim
Discipline: Big Mountain.

Sponsors: Whistler Blackcomb, Mountain Hardwear, Head, Scott.

Originally from : I am originally from Rossland, BC and have been in Whistler for 11 years.

Whistler or Blackcomb: I love them both.

Whistler Blackcomb Wonder: I think the my favorite aspect of Whistler Blackcomb is that after 11 years skiing here I have never been bored with the terrain. It really is huge and there's not too many people that know every corner of the entire mountain well.

First time skiing at Whistler Blackcomb: My first time skiing Whistler Blackcomb I was blown away by how big it was. I actually became lost on my first day and ended up on the Fitzsimons chair on Whistler when I was supposed to be on Blackcomb.