Mack Jones
Discipline: Park, urban, all-mountain

Sponsors: 4FRNT, Eira, Giro, Daleboot, Outdoor Technology

Originally from : Originally from Ottawa, ON. Coming up on 5 years living in Whistler!

Whistler or Blackcomb: Although I love them both, my personal favorite is Blackcomb. Over the span of a single day I can hit some of the biggest jumps in North America, hit rails, hit cliffs, and ski pow in my secret stashes all over the mountain. Also, can't forget about the pulled pork wraps in Glacier Creek #thebest.

Whistler Blackcomb Wonder: Whistler will always be a special place to me. The fact that so many incredible people have come and gone through this amazing place, and so many "firsts" in the skiing world have occurred here always inspires me. Yet despite all these feats and legendary stories, the amount of terrain and constant flow of new people and ideas allows me the opportunity to still go out and do things that have never been done here before. It's a place of discovery, learning, and growth - and I don't think that feeling of wonder I get from this place will ever go away.

First time skiing at Whistler Blackcomb: My first time riding at Whistler Blackcomb was an eye-opening experience to say the least, which was in grade 12 on a quick trip out west from Ottawa, just after Christmas. Having only ever ridden the small hills on the east coast prior to visiting, the sheer volume of terrain and areas to be explored couldn't quite be grasped by my (at the time) tiny, uninitiated mind (it has since grown to full capacity, no need to worry). I spent 4 days exploring all over both mountains and I don't think I ever really knew where I was, or skied the same run twice. Before I'd even left, I knew I had to come back – and wouldn't you know, at that time the next year, I found myself living in Whistler and loving every minute of it.