Riley Leboe
Discipline: Big Mountain.

Sponsors: Armada, Giro, Rockstar Energy, Toyo Tires, Tyrolia Bindings, Backcountry Access, Valley Moto Sport.

Originally from : I am from Vernon, BC and have lived in the Whistler area for 5 years.

Whistler or Blackcomb: It's tough to pick because each mountain has different things to offer depending on conditions. But to pick one it would be Khyber's on Whistler. It's gotta be the longest tree run in the world. Super good leg burner with lots of pillows and stumps to hop off of. You could ski it for years and not have to take the same line once.

Whistler Blackcomb Wonder: It has to be The Deep. It doesn't matter what part of the season it is, you are guaranteed that a massive storm isn't far away. I love December through February because it seems the snow never lets up. You may not see the sun very often but its hard to care when you're getting constant faceshots. I've skied the deepest snow of my life on Whistler and Blackcomb. Even in April when you think spring has finally shown up it is guaranteed to surprise you with one more huge storm to give you that last taste of pow before summer!

First time skiing at Whistler Blackcomb: I think I was 11. I grew up skiing at Silver Star and it has good terrain but nothing steep or big like Whis has. My dad was here on an Extremely Canadian camp and he brought the whole family to Whistler. I went up with him to drop him off at the camp and there was a few guys that didn't show up, so it was just the coach Rob Angel and my dad. So he decided to let me tag along. So my first time skiing here I got shown tons of the best runs and got to skip all the lift lines! We did 2 days, one on Whis and one on Blackcomb. I demo'd first generation of 1080's which let me shred like nothing I'd rode before. I was on a pair of Jr. bump skis at the time so that was a huge change. That weekend I got to ski the biggest, scariest terrain of my life. I was hooked and knew that I'd be moving out here as soon as possible!