Suz Graham
Discipline: Big Mountain.

Sponsors: Fischer, Oakely, FiveTen, GoPro, Hestra, Whistler/Blackcomb, Chaos.

Originally from : I was born in Calgary, but have grown up in Salt Lake City, Utah where I just moved from. This is my second season in Whistler!

Whistler or Blackcomb: I love both mountains but Spanky's on Blackcomb is one of my favorite areas.

Whistler Blackcomb Wonder: Whistler Blackcomb is special to me because it's the only place in the world with access to such big, broad, amazing mountains and snowfall with such a special, unique, warm village nestled at the base. It makes me never want to leave!

First time skiing at Whistler Blackcomb: I was 16 and came here for a ski camp in the summertime and instantly fell in love with the place, swearing to myself I would live here someday. I was blown away that you could ski and bike in the summer, have consistent snow on some of the best terrain in the world, and be tied to the coolest, happiest village I've ever been to. I came back regularly in both the summer and the winter and am so excited now to call Whistler my home and have these amazing mountains in my backyard!