Helen Schettini
Discipline: Big Mountain.

Sponsors: Billabong, YES Snowboards, Adidas, Vivo, NOW Bindings.

Originally from: I'm from Kamloops; been living in Whistler since 2002.

Whistler or Blackcomb: Whistler; West Cirque to Frog's Hollow.

Whistler Blackcomb Wonder: The terrain is endless! I still find new runs and trails after ten years of riding these mountains and I know that in another ten years, I'll still be having 'first runs'.

First time skiing or riding at Whistler Blackcomb: I came out to Whistler for a boarder cross contest when I was 14; and the second I got to town, I knew I needed to end up here. Then I got on the lifts and checked out Blackcomb and it was final… so I moved here the second I graduated high school.