Robin Van Gyn
Discipline: Snowboard.

Sponsors: Roxy, Levitation Project, Airblaster, Pow Gloves, Pom Pom Wax.

Originally from: Born and raised in Victoria BC, living on and off in Whistler for 12 years.

Whistler or Blackcomb: Don't make me choose, both awesome for different things and different days.

Whistler Blackcomb Wonder: Everybody has their "spots", and for the most part they are all different. There are so many pockets and so many hidden stashes that everyone can have their own. Everytime I ride with someone new I find a new stash, its awesome, and it never gets old.

First time skiing or riding at Whistler Blackcomb: Well, I sprained my ankle snowboarding for my first day, memorable, but there were way better memories that came after I learned not to flail.