Frequently Asked Questions

I want to come to Whistler for the upcoming Winter Season. When do you start hiring?

Whistler Blackcomb travels both around the world and within Canada conducting interviews and hiring employees for the upcoming winter season. For details, please see our Recruiting Initiatives » section. If you have missed an opportunity to interview in a city close to you we do host our Fall Fair and recruit year round in Whistler.

Every November we host a recruiting fair in Whistler, for more information click here for Job Fairs »

Seasonally, we hire employees into our Food & Beverage, Retail/Rental, Operations, Finance, Guest Services and Snow School divisions.

It is not uncommon for people to arrive in town without a job.  In the Fall many businesses are hiring and it may take a little longer to get employment but eventually most do find something in Whistler. If you are looking for a server or bartender job Whistler Blackcomb does not have a lot of opportunities but we do host a meet and greet fair at the Bars which is scheduled for Oct. 25th in Whistler (more details to follow on our website here: Job Fairs » ).  Alternatively, there are many hotels, restaurants and bars in town who will all be hiring for the winter season. 


What else do I need to know about working at Whistler Blackcomb?

Come Prepared! Since Mother Nature is unpredictable, winter positions may not start until mid November and some do not commence until mid December. We recommend that you come to Whistler with approximately $3,000 (CDN) to ensure that you will be able to pay rent, damage deposit, groceries, phone, transportation and entertainment costs until you are gainfully employed.

How do I get from Vancouver Airport or Downtown to Whistler?

There are 4 bus companies that travel between Vancouver and Whistler. You can find their schedules and further information at:

    I need to get my Social Insur ance Number (SIN) number to commence work – where should I go?

    You must apply for your SIN before you start work, it is required to be employed in Canada.  There are two Service Canada Offices where you can obtain your SIN. One in Vancouver and the other in Squamish (halfway between Vancouver and Whistler). The Vancouver office is bigger and more equipped to deal with high volume, it may be more efficient for you to get your number there while you are in Vancouver, also if you don't have a car the Squamish office will be harder to get to.

    I need to set up a Canadian bank account, what banks are in Whistler?

    Canada has a number of national banks, three have branches in Whistler so it'll be best to set up an account with one of them so if you need to go in and talk to someone you don't have to go down to Vancouver.

    You will need to make an appointment at the Whistler banks to set up an account, so be prepared this may take a little while and you can not check in as an employee until you have your Canadian account details. You could also set up an account at a Vancouver branch of one of those banks if you are staying there for a day or two prior to arriving in Whistler. (Note that Scotiabank's branch is in an area of Whistler called Creekside, so less accessible as the other two which are in the Village)

    What gym facilities are offered in Whistler?

    There are a few gyms in Whistler you can obtain membership with. If you join Club Shred (see information below about this) when you start working you can receive a discount on passes at Meadow Park for more information visit their website:

    You can also check out some of our other gyms in town:

    What kind of shops and facilities are in Whistler?

    Whistler offers a lot to its locals – from Health Care with medical clinics and a hospital to hair salons, clothing stores, restaurants, night clubs, yoga studios and grocery stores. You can find information about what is here on:

    Where can I purchase second hand items including household items?

    How can I find a hostel in Vancouver or Whistler when I get there?

    It's a good idea to make reservations in advance especially at the hostels.

    I need to buy new ski/ snowboard gear when I arrive in Canada where is the best place?

    As a Whistler Blackcomb staff member you will be entitled to discounts at the stores that are owned by the company (including Showcase Snowboards and Can-Ski). See second FAQ Tab for details on staff discounts. There will also be Staff Sales at the beginning of the season at those stores and more information will be available on those closer to the time through at the stores, our internal employee newsletter (The Messenger) or via posters that will be put up in Staff Housing and your workplaces. List of WB Retail Shops »

    What are some of the perks I'll receive as an employee? (May vary depending on what you are hired into.)

    Seasons Pass

    • As long as you remain an employee in good standing with Whistler Blackcomb you will have a season pass to access the mountains.

    Club Shred

    • For $2 deduction a paycheque you can join this employee discount program. As a member you will get a variety of discounts in town – gyms, movie tickets, Vancouver Canucks games and many, many more.
    • Like Club Shred on Faceboook» 


    • The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation Environmental Fund is dedicated to providing financial support to Qualified Donees whose actions can show a benefit to the natural environment in the Sea to Sky Corridor. Our mandate is to expand fundraising efforts to support larger environmental projects with long term results within the Sea to Sky Corridor, as well as to build strong partnerships with community stakeholders. You can donate as little as $2 a paycheque and help us make a difference. Click here to find out more »


    • 25% off at all Whistler Blackcomb retail locations.(Please note that the discount percentage is off the full retail price of the item. No Staff Discount will be given on top of the sale price of an item.) List of WB Retail Shops »

    Winter Rentals

    • 25% off rentals before 1pm.
    • 50% off rentals after 1pm (except during peak periods such as Christmas, President's Week, Spring Break and Easter - it will just be 25% during the holiday periods)
    • 25% off repairs with odd specials at 50% off
    • 20% off at Tuning Centres ~Ski service is $25 and snowboard is $30 (could be more depending on damage)

    Food & Beverage

    • 50% off at all market style restaurants. (For on Mountain restaurants discount applies all day when on shift or when not at work all day except between 12-1:30pm)
    • 20% discount at Merlin's, Dusty's and GLC seven days a week (not including liquor)

    Snow School

    • Free group lessons available when space allows in the right ability level.
    • 20% discount on most other Ski School Programs - inquire at Snow School Sales desk in resort.

    You will learn more about these perks at your First Season Orientation. And we hope to see you soon!

    I'm not from Canada. What do I need to do to work at Whistler Blackcomb?

    In order to be legally entitled to work in Canada, you will need the following:

    • Canadian Work Permit valid for the duration of the position (i.e.; Winter- November through April, Summer May through September)
    • Social Insurance Number
    • Criminal Record Check (we must see the original or a copy) 
    • Photo Identification (Government issued, i.e., passport, driver's license, etc.)

    I'm not from Canada. How do I obtain a work permit?

    To apply for your Canadian Work Permit, you must contact the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your country. For more information on which countries qualifies please review the IEC list (International Experience Canada). Please remember that the application process can take several months.

    In certain countries, there are a few agencies that assist people in applying for a work permit: BUNAC » and SWAP ».

    I am applying for my work permit and have been told that I need a letter of offer to obtain the permit. Can Whistler Blackcomb do this for me?

    Whistler Blackcomb CANNOT give letters of offer to foreign workers who require such an offer to apply for their permit to come to Canada. You must apply for a Working Holiday Permit/Visa. This permit/visa does not require you to have arranged employment before entering Canada.

    In order to supply a letter of offer to a potential foreign employee, Whistler/Blackcomb has to prove to Canadian Immigration that we are unable to fill that position with any Canadian citizen or resident. Whistler/Blackcomb is otherwise seen as taking employment/ work away from Canadians, and this is against Canadian Immigration policy.

    Do I need Traveling Insurance?

    If you are travelling overseas, you shouldn’t even think twice about getting travel insurance. Although it is not mandatory, Whistler Blackcomb STRONGLY recommends you set something up before coming. If you get sick or hurt, you won’t want to be without it! Check out World Nomads Insurance as an option »

    If I'm offered a position with Whistler Blackcomb, what will I need to bring?

    Depending on what position you are offered you might require more or less identification

    • 1 piece of Photo Identification
    • Work Authorization/Work Visa (if applicable)
    • Criminal Record Check (we must see original or a copy)
    • Canadian Bank Information for Direct Deposit
    • Social Insurance Number (SIN)

    Does everyone need a Criminal Record Check?

    Full Time, Part Time and some Volunteers are required to provide a Criminal Record Check.

    • International applicants even though you are required to provide a Police Check to obtain your work permit we still need you to bring a copy as it's a condition of employment.
    • Canadians applicants are encouraged to bring a Criminal Record Check obtained from the regional police department of their home province or from any RCMP office.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Your clearance must be dated within the last 18 months

    How can I find housing (if I am not registered or planning on staying in Staff Housing) and information about what is going on in Whistler once I get here?

    Our local paper is called The Pique, a new edition comes out every Thursday. It has a lot of information from Local News to Classifieds ads and Events in town, check it out online at:

    I am booked into Staff Housing, where do I go to check in?

    If you are arriving to Whistler by Greyhound or Pacific Coach Lines, make sure you get off the bus at the Whistler Village Loop. There is a taxi stand there (as well as a Visitor Information Centre) From there you can take a taxi up to Glacier Lane Staff Housing – this will cost around $10.

    You will be going to HOUSE front desk at Building 1 – 4802 Glacier Lane, Whistler.

    I want to get a Mobile Phone (or cell phone as we call them in Canada), where should I go to get one?

    I need to set up internet in my staff housing unit, who provides service?

    HOUSE has an agreement with Base Wireless – you can ask about this at check in for specific rates.

    Otherwise you can get an account with Shaw or TELUS and share with your roommates, contact them for rates and information.

    How can I find out more information about Whistler Blackcomb Staff Housing?

    Can my partner and I share a room within staff housing? 

    Yes, When you receive your bed offer from HOUSE there will be an email address that you can send requests to.

    Can I request my friends to be in my room? Can I request other friends to be in the room next to ours?

    Yes, you can request who you want to live with, in whatever location (Glacier, Brio or Westside) along with room setup.  When you receive your bed offer from HOUSE there will be an email address that you can send requests to.

    What is the cost difference to share a room or request a private?

    For the 14/15 winter rates range from $333.60/month for a shared room to $567/month for a single room with other options in between.

    Does everyone in staff housing who requests a private room receive one?

    In a perfect world yes but due demand no. We try our best and will always try to make your second request happen.

    What kitchen utensils are provided by staff housing?

    Basics are provided (including kettle, toaster) and what has been left in the unit by previous tenants.  There may not be specific things that you want, that you may have to purchase.  There is a second hand store in Whistler that is really useful for getting kitchen items.  You can also get new things from stores in town.

    Can we have guests stay with us? If so for how long?

    Yes you can, for 3 days. Just make sure you confirm with your roommates first that it is ok and that you register them at the HOUSE front desk.

    Can I have more than one guest stay with me?

    No due to apartment size only 1 guest can stay at a time for a max of 3 days.

    Do I need to provide linen?

    HOUSE will provide you with a free linen package to use for the season that includes a mattress cover, sheet, fleece blanket, pillow, pillow case and a towel.  Some residents like to by a quilt (Comforter, doona, duvet etc…) to make their bed extra cozy. 

    When do I start paying rent?

    You start paying on the day that you move in, you will be required to pay damage deposit (which is the equivalent of a half a month of rent) and 1 months’ rent when filling out HOUSE application when you get the bed offer

    When can I move in?

    At any point after you get the bed offer but most people move in a week prior to their start date at work.

    When do I need to move out?

    Prior to October 1st of the next season or in the event you are terminated from your job.

    If I find a place mid-season I want to move into, how much notice must I give WB housing?

    Why would you want to move out to start with?  But in the event you want to leave you can at any point after staying the minimum stay of 14 days.

    Can I park my car up there if I buy one? How much will that cost?

    Yes we have parking at all 3 locations for $25/month or save and buy for that season at the cost of $100

    What is the difference between the different staff housing locations?

    There are 3 different Staffing Housing locations, Glacier Park, Brio and Westside.

    Glacier Park has 7 buildings (5 are for Whistler Blackcomb Staff) and therefore the most residents at approximately 700.  Its location is on Blackcomb Mountain, which is the only staff residence that is ski in/ski out, awesome on a powder day as you have quick access to enjoy it.  It is located up “staff hill” which is 200m up from the Village.  There is a Whistler Public transit bus that services Glacier staff housing and the schedule varies on the time of year, there is a charge.  See below for more information on buses.

    In the winter to get to Glacier from the Village you can take the bus, a taxi (rate would be approximately $8 from the village) and also Excalibur Gondola (during its hours of operation which vary through the winter season). In the summer you can walk up staff hill, it is good exercise we promise!

    Many of the residents at Glacier are first year, first season staff and due the number staff living there it is very social, there are House Advisors on each floor and they plan events weekly, there are common lounges in each building where residents can hang out also some of the units use common kitchens or ovens so there is plenty of opportunity to interact and meet people.  Glacier offers shared and private rooms depending on availability.

    Brio (pronounced ‘bree – O’) Residence is 1 kilometre south of Whistler Village just along the main road through town, Highway 99.  You can walk to the Village (and the base of the ski/bike lifts) in approximately 15 minutes.  Brio is only 1 building with about 140 residents.  Similar to Glacier Park there are House Advisors on each floor of the building that plan events weekly and monthly.  All units are self-contained with a full kitchen, bathroom and living room with 4 residents for each 2 bedroom apartment.  Brio offers shared rooms only.  There is a mixture of first season and return staff in this residence.

    Westside Residence is 5.5 kms south of Whistler Village.  It is 2kms south of Creekside base which was the original base of Whistler Mountain.  Creekside has a gondola open in the winter to access skiing and riding as well as other amenities like a grocery store, bank, restaurants and pubs. Westside is serviced by public transit (see information below) you will have to pay for and the trip to the Village takes 20 minutes (plus walking to bus stop and waiting).  Westside is only one building of approximately 140 residents, units are similar to Brio, all are self-contained with a full kitchen, bathroom, living room and either 1 or 2 bedrooms.  Westside offers shared and private rooms.  This residence tends to be quieter, with long term return staff and couples.  If you have a job at Creekside based Snow School programs, Can Ski Creekside, Starbucks, Dusty’s, Backside or Raven’s Nest, this would be closer/shorter to access those locations.

    What are the details on public transit in Whistler?  How early/late do buses run, what is the cost?  How frequently do these buses run?

    For information on schedule and fare rates please refer to the Whistler Transit website as the rates can fluctuate and schedule change seasonally.

    You can buy monthly or 6 month bus passes and if you decide to participate in the Whistler Blackcomb Staff deals program called Club Shred ( they sell some at a discounted rate. To give you an idea, a monthly unlimited pass is around $60. 

    How much would it cost if I wanted to catch a cab not a bus? 

    Taxi rates in Whistler are based on a rate/kilometer.  For example from the Village to Glacier Park or Brio - $8, from the Village to Westside $18



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