Employment Policies

Personal Grooming Standards

We rely on your good judgment and commitment to maintain a professional, well-groomed appearance while at work. Each Employee is expected to practice good habits of grooming and personal hygiene.

  • Hair must be neat and tidy at all times. Long hair must be tied back in all areas where it is a health or safety issue. Radical hair styles and colours that appear untidy or unclean do not meet our standards. Dreadlocks are not acceptable.
  • You must be clean-shaven every day. Moustaches, beards and sideburns are to be clean and neatly trimmed. It is acceptable to grow a moustache or beard during vacation or during seasonal breaks in employment. However, they should not be in the process of being grown while at work. 
  • Jewellery should be worn in moderation, in good taste and must not interfere with job function or safety. Tongue piercings are limited to one small stud which may not impede speech and is not easily apparent to our guests. Nose piercings are limited to one small stud and all other facial jewellery or exposed body piercings must be removed or covered while on the job. Ear spacers are not acceptable.
  • Smoking Policy: Whistler Blackcomb supports a “Clean Air Mountain” experience and encourages a smoke free environment. Employees are not permitted to smoke while in uniform or in public view.  
  • Any tattoos that could reasonably offend a guest or fellow employee must be covered at all times while at work.


Download PDF of Entire Grooming Standards»


Criminal Record Check

If you are hired you will be required to provide a satisfactory criminal record check. You need to provide a copy to us, your visa is not enough.

We strongly suggest you bring a copy from home as it can be expensive and a lengthly process to get one once in Canada and may delay your start date.