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Why You Will Love Working for Our Division

  • Opportunity to meet professional, friendly, and passionate people.
  • Ability to develop soft skills such as teamwork and communication
  • High entry level paying job
  • Great opportunities for advancement
  • Amazing perks with Whistler Blackcomb
  • High amount of responsibility in work environment

Meet a few of our people:

Catherine Webster-Assistant Controller
With a background in mathematics, I started working for Whistler Blackcomb Finance in November of 2005. Initially I took the seasonal role of Revenue Representative, and have gone from Accountant 1 to my current position as Assistant Controller. Whistler Blackcomb also encourages outside education and I am now well on my way to gaining my CGA designation. Working for Whistler Blackcomb has provided so many opportunities for me, as I have been able to develop both soft supervisory skills and technical accounting skills. I work in a professional, team oriented environment where my ideas and knowledge are utilized and challenged.

Flora Ferraro- Director of Finance

Jobs held at WB: Assistant Controller-Revenue, then moved to Controller and now Director's role

Top 3 words to sum up WB: Creative, Interesting, Work, and Groovy (I know you asked for 3 but numbers were never my forte).

Why would I recommend WB to work for? There are a lot of reasons why, firstly I can bring my dog to the office. Secondly, I don't have to wear pantyhose - in my previous life, in Vancouver. you had to adhere to a "office attire" dress code - if you come to work, at WB, in "office attire" you will never live it down. Thirdly, the work is interesting and consuming, for a "curious George" like me (I can't keep my nose out of anyone's business - one day when you have time, I will tell you about my babysitting years) I was born to work for this organization. Finally and most importantly - the people - I have never encountered so many strange (in a good way) and "out of the box" people - if the work doesn't engage you the people at WB sure will.

Here is a list of some Seasonal positions we typically hire for:

  • Revenue Representative
  • Vault Clerk

Here is a list of some Year Round positions we typically hire for:

  • Accountant
  • Senior Accountant
  • Financial Analyst