Alpine Hiking, Running & Interpretive Trails

Use our lifts to access over 50 kms of hiking, running and interpretive walking trails that wind through a volcanic landscape surrounded by jaw-dropping vistas, ancient glaciers, alpine lakes and wildflower-filled slopes. All with your PEAK 2 PEAK Alpine Experience Ticket.

Whistler Alpine Hiking Trails

As a gateway to Whistler Blackcomb's vast hiking trail network, Whistler Mountain is the perfect launching point for a range of alpine journeys. Download Trail Map PDF »

Trail Status Updated:
Rating  Trail Num Length Elevation Status


Two loops of single track trail at the top of the Peak Express.
1 1.6km (1mi);
60 minutes (loop)
30m (98ft)


An easy, wide trail providing two-way access from the Roundhouse Lodge to the Peak Express.
2 0.6km (0.37mi);
10 minutes (one-way)
55m (180ft)


Easiest walk on the mountain, connecting Harmony Lake Trail with premium views of Blackcomb Mountain, Garibaldi Park and the Spearhead range.
3a 1.2km (0.74mi);
15 minutes (loop)
20m (65ft)


This trail descends through alpine forests while traveling away from the Roundhouse Lodge. Use it to return from the High Note Trail (5).
3 2.5km (1.55mi) to Harmony Lake;
60-90 minutes (return)
130m (426ft)


Views of Fitzsimmons Valley and Harmony Lake. A steep descent connects hikers to the Roundhouse Lodge from High Note Trail (5) and Harmony Lake Trails (3).
4 1.1km (0.68mi);
30-60 minutes (one-way)
80m (262ft)


Start behind the Inukshuk at the top of the Peak Express chairlift. Loop back to the Roundhouse Lodge by heading north at the trail junction away from Flute Summit and Singing Pass.
5 5.1km (3.2mi) to junction of Musical Bumps trail. ;
3-4 hours (loop)
258m (902ft)


The Half Note Trail provides a shortened route from the High Note (8) Trail which connects with Pika’s Traverse (10) back to the Roundhouse Lodge.
6 1.2km (0.75mi);
30-60min (one-way)
220m (722ft) at High Note junction


This mountain trail is used to return from the Half Note Trail (6) to the Roundhouse Lodge. There are some steep sections, please remain on the road.
7 2.3km (1.43mi);
1.5-2 hours (one-way)
270m (885ft)


This mountain road starts at The Saddle and is used as an alternate route between the Roundhouse Lodge and High Note Trail (5).
8 1.7km (1.05mi);
40 minutes
130m (427ft)


Enjoy panoramic views along this mountain road from the summit of Whistler Mountain.
9 0.9km (0.6mi);
45 minutes (one-way)
80m (262ft)

Blackcomb Alpine Hiking Trails

Explore the solitude of Blackcomb's sun-loaded southwest flank, above the mountain's famous 7th Heaven Zone. Or trek through old-growth forest lined with seasonal alpine lakes. Download Trail Map PDF »

Trail Status Updated:
Rating  Trail Num Length Elevation Status


A gentle walking route that leads away from the Rendezvous Lodge with spectacular views of Fitzsimmons Valley through a sub-alpine forest. 
1 1.6km (0.96mi);
60 minutes (round loop)
65m (213ft)


Stretching into Garibaldi Provincial Park, this two way trail is used as the main connecting route to all of Blackcomb Mountain’s hiking. Enjoy a wide variety of rich alpine wildflowers, amazing views of Overlord Glacier and many alpine lakes with glacier run offs.
2 3.7km (2.27mi);
60-90 minutes (one way)
62m (203ft)


A great hike through sub-alpine old growth forest with potential wildlife sightings, this trail leads you down to the bottom of 7th Heaven Express from the Overlord Trail (2). Note: Only open during summer glacier skiing and riding. No return hiking trail available.
3 1.1km (0.7mi);
30 to 60 minutes (one way)
235m (771ft)


Recommended for uphill hiking, this out and back trail takes you from below treeline up to the high alpine. Accessed by Overlord Trail (2).
4 1.1km (0.7mi);
30 to 60 minutes (one way)
174m (571ft)


Recommended hiking clock-wise, a short climb takes you to a rich area of alpine wildflowers with Blackcomb Lake nestled below the peak of Blackcomb. Finish by descending back to Overlord Trail (2).
5 1.3km (0.81mi);
30 to 60 minutes (one way)
43m (141ft)


Start this journey by hiking clockwise up and into Garibaldi Provincial Park with incredible views of ancient mountain peaks and Overlord Glacier. This trail is perfect for the experienced hiker who is looking for more of an adventure.
6 1.8km (1.09mi);
45 to 75 minutes (one way)
134m (440ft)

Suggested Routes

Selected from our full network of trails on both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, the below routes are designed to help you discover the best of the PEAK 2 PEAK Alpine Experience. Download Trail Map PDF »

Routes for all ability levels 

Alpine Vista Route Alpine Vista Route Alpine Vista Route

Alpine Vista Route

The perfect family-friendly way to view Whistler and Blackcomb!

Directions from Whistler Mountain:
Board the Whistler Village Gondola up Whistler Mountain. Stop by the PEAK 2 PEAK Viewing Platform and the SamsungAlpine Theatre before taking the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola to Blackcomb. Return to the valley via open-air chairlift.

Suggested Routes

Alpine Vista Route Alpine Vista Route Alpine Vista Route

Top of the World Route

Whistler Blackcomb’s open-air chairlifts raise you up high over the tree line into the dramatic peaks and ancient glaciers of British Columbia’s impressive Coast Range. These mountain tops are the launching point for a variety of alpine experiences and adventures.

Directions from Whistler Mountain:
From the Roundhouse Lodge, hike down the Peak Express Traverse to board the Peak Express chairlift (open seasonally). At the summit you’ll find the Whistler Summit Interpretive Walk. Return to the Roundhouse Lodge via Peak Express and the Peak Express Traverse. Take the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola to Blackcomb to stroll the Alpine Walk, or (when in season) take the complimentary shuttle bus to 7th Heaven Express and Blackcomb’s summit. Return to the Rendezvous Lodge by downloading 7th Heaven Express and taking the bus.

Suggested Routes

Intermediate Hiking 

Alpine Vista Route Alpine Vista Route Alpine Vista Route

Alpine Lakes Loop

Hike to views of two spectacular glacial alpine lakes and seasonal wildflower meadows. Take Lakeside Loop and rugged Overlord Trail for sweeping views of the Overlord Glacier and alpine meadows, then visit Whistler’s Harmony Lake Trail and Loop.

Directions from Blackcomb Mountain:
Start at the Alpine Walk on Blackcomb Mountain and then take Overlord Trail. When in season, the best flowery views are south of 7th Heaven Express. Return along Overlord Trail, then take Lakeside Loop for more wildflowers. This trail brings you back to Overlord Trail and the Alpine Walk. Take the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola to Whistler’s Harmony Lake Trail & Loop.

Suggested Routes

Advanced Hikes 

Alpine Vista Route Alpine Vista Route Alpine Vista Route

Running the Rooftop Route

Hit this trail early to avoid hikers and to enjoy possible sightings of shy alpine fauna such as deer, grouse and pika. The High Note Trail is an undulating, runner’s high-inducing, single track over Whistler’s rooftop. It winds past views of glaciers, Cheakamus Lake and rugged Coast Mountain terrain.

Directions from Whistler Mountain:
Start at the Roundhouse Lodge, then walk down Peak Express Traverse to the Peak Express chairlift (open seasonally). At the top, start at the Inukshuk to your right, then follow the High Note Trail. When the High Note Trail finishes, take Harmony Meadows Trail to return to the Roundhouse Lodge.

Suggested Routes

Alpine Vista Route Alpine Vista Route Alpine Vista Route

Overlord Vistas

An epic dual-mountain full day hike. Enjoy a challenging hike on Blackcomb’s Decker Loop into Garibaldi Provincial Park with stunning views of the Overlord Glacier. Afterwards take the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola across to view Cheakamus Lake and volcanic Black Tusk from the High Note Trail.

Directions from Blackcomb Mountain:
Begin at the Alpine Walk on Blackcomb Mountain. From Alpine Walk follow Overlord Trail to where it forks to the left into Decker Loop. Follow Decker Loop 15 back to where it becomes Overlord Trail Return along Overlord Trail to Alpine Walk for the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola, which transports you to Whistler Mountain. On Whistler, walk down Peak Express Traverse to Peak Express chairlift. High Note Trail begins near the Inukshuk at the summit of Whistler and continues in a long loop around to Harmony Meadows and then returns to the Roundhouse Lodge. High Note Trail also includes a fork where you can climb Flute and Oboe for views over the far side of the mountain.

Suggested Routes

Tips for Alpine Hiking:

  • Never hike alone
  • Be prepared. Mountain weather changes frequently so carry extra clothing.
  • Observe all closures. Stay on marked trails to avoid damage to the alpine ecosystem.
  • Steep slopes, snow and ice fields are very dangerous. You may encounter various hazards such as cliffs, glaciers, crevasses, rock falls, avalanches and unstable surfaces.
  • Treat all wildlife with caution. Do not feed or approach bears.
  • Carry water, a snack, sunscreen and a watch. Make note of the last ride down (5:30pm).
  • No hiking permitted in the Bike Park.
  • Fires, dogs and camping are not allowed.


  • If you encounter avalanche explosives, do not touch and keep well away. Mark the location and report it immediately to any mountain employee.
  • Due to fire and environmental concerns, smoking is not permitted while riding the gondola. Smoking on the mountain must be within the designated area at the Roundhouse Lodge.


The slopes of Whistler Blackcomb provide the perfect environment for black bears.
  • If you see a bear, do not approach him/her. Give the bear time to get away or if he/she approaches, back away slowly.
  • While hiking, make a noise occasionally or wear a bell to help prevent surprising an animal.
  • Never litter, even biodegradable items such as fruit peels. It only attracts bears and gets them into trouble. These days, bears need our respect and support more than ever, so we can share the mountains with them for generations to come.

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