Logistics for Parents and Adult Participants

The Whistler Adaptive Ski & Scotiabank Learn to Ride Program operates in partnership with the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program (WASP) in the winter, so you will often hear us referred to as “WASP”.
If you have any questions about your/your child’s day before you arrive, please call the WB Reservation Centre at 1-800-766-0449. You can also contact the Whistler Adaptive Ski & Ride Supervisor at 604-905-2071 or Email us at


Ensure you/your child is well-rested, has eaten breakfast and has recovered from jet-lag. Come dressed and ready to ski/snowboard. We recognize that our guests often have extenuating or complicated circumstances that may present themselves on the morning of the lesson. Don’t worry, if you/your child is not physically or mentally “up” for the pre-planned lesson, just call us….we will adapt!


The closest disabled parking spaces to our check-in location at Carleton Lodge can found behind the Sundial Hotel and Pan Pacific Mountainside Hotel - see the “Village” section on page 2 in the Whistler Accessible Parking Map »
Please use these only if you/your child have mobility issues. There are only 3 designated disabled parking spots in this area, but as long as you have a disabled parking sticker you can park in those and any other spots, all day. You can also park your car in the skier day lots (which is approximately a 10 minute walk away). Free shuttles also run from the skier day lots, back to the central village.


The WASP Supervisor will meet you at the check-in desk located on the main level of the Carlton Lodge at 9:00 a.m. The wheelchair ramp leads right to the WASP desk. The desk may be vacant prior to the check-in time. Don’t worry, we are just in a daily briefing meeting and will meet you there by 9:00am. We promise, we never leave without a student! If you plan to be very late, just give us a call to let us know. We will wait as long as it takes. Many people (especially those with sensory issues) plan their arrival around 9:30, when most of the morning “hustle and bustle” has died down a little.

Paperwork – Waivers/Releases

At check-in, the WASP Supervisor will provide the mandatory paperwork required for the lesson; the DSABC liability waiver and the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program release of liability. If you forget your DSABC membership card, don’t worry as we are now able to verify your membership beforehand, on-line. You will be asked to sign and date the waivers on the first lesson of the season only. You will also be asked if you would like to sign a photo release. This is optional. The WASP Supervisor often comes up and takes photos of you/your child. If you do not want pictures taken, please let us know. Should you agree, then the photos will be sent to you at the end of your visit, by email. If a photo release is signed, there is a chance they might also end up on our website, in the photo gallery.

View or Download Documents:

DSABC Liability Waiver WASP Release of Liability Photo Release Form

Lift Tickets, Equipment & Vouchers – 1 on 1 lessons

For private one-on-one lessons, you will be given your lift tickets, rental and lessons vouchers on the day of the lesson, at the check-in desk. Therefore there is no need to go to any other desk and request these beforehand. In fact, if you did so, the sales agent would tell you your tickets “have already been printed”, by the Whistler Adaptive Supervisor.

A safety form will also be attached to any child’s tickets (under the age of 19). Take a minute to verify the information on this ticket is correct.

Lift Tickets, Equipment & Vouchers – buddy lessons

If your child is registered in the mainstream ski school and simply requires a WASP buddy, you should get the Ski School tickets/equipment well beforehand (even the night before, if you are in town) from the mainstream ski school desk (usually Whistler Kids or beside the Whistler Adaptive check-in, in the Carleton Lodge) and then come to the check-in. Your child will meet his/her buddy in the quieter area of the WASP check-in desk and the parents can talk and sign the waivers there. The buddy can then accompany the child to the Whistler Kids ski school line-up. Don’t panic if you haven’t done that, as the buddy (or others) can help however, it is just easier for all if they can give 100% of their focus to the child instead of the ticket/rental details (as Whistler Kids can be quite hectic in the mornings.)


Skiing and boarding are all-weather sports. A weather forecast and the time of year might tell you something about what to expect from the weather but basically we have to expect anything – rain, cold or sunshine. We can supplement you/your child’s clothing. In some of our colder and wetter weather, the students own (and well fitting) clothes will greatly help with comfort for the day. A thermal first layer, a warmth layer (especially on top), a waterproof layer, proper ski socks, warm and waterproof mitts, a neck warmer and light hat (for under the helmet we provide), will keep the student warm and comfortable and focused on fun in even the tougher conditions. If the student has a well fitting helmet and goggles, these are also recommended otherwise, we will gladly supply them, from our equipment hut. On sunny days, please apply sunscreen, before arrival.

Helmets are mandatory for children under 13 and for any one in a sit ski (regardless of age). It’s a good idea to let your child know there is no negotiation on this matter, beforehand. They are strongly recommended for all.

If your child has any flash cards or assistive devices/communication aids please bring these with you, if practical.


Rental equipment will be selected for the student on the first day of lessons. These are picked up in the basement of the Carleton Lodge ONLY. There is an elevator, beside our check-in desk, which leads down to the basement, if taking the stairs is difficult. It is possible to pick up equipment the day before the first lesson, but you should call the WASP Supervisor to make pre-arrangements so that she can accompany you down to the designated rental shop in the Carleton to avoid any confusion by rental staff and so that you are not charged additionally for your equipment.


There may be one or several instructors assigned to the lesson. There is always a designated “lead instructor”. You will have as much time as you like to discuss the lesson with the lead instructor before and after each day. There are leather couches in the check-in area and you can talk over any private matters there. Your instructor welcomes any input towards shaping the best ski day for you/your child.


You have the option to arrange to meet for breaks and lunch with your child and instructor. You should discuss the end of day meeting time before leaving the student in the morning. Always let the instructor know if someone other than the person dropping off the child is picking up the child, at end of day. You can exchange cell numbers with either the instructor or the supervisor for contact during the day. Always make sure you/your child has enough money for lunch, generally $10-15 will suffice.


If your child has toileting/medication requirements, you can arrange to meet with the lesson at appropriate times in the day. You can make these arrangements in the morning with the instructor. The most common meeting location are in the WASP hut (at mid-station on the Whistler Gondola) or at the Roundhouse (at the top of the Whistler Gondola). On Blackcomb, the most common meeting locations is the Rendezvous Restaurant (top of Solar Coaster). If you need to meet to perform toileting or medication, up-mountain, then a free lift ticket will be given to you. You don’t have to be able to ski to meet up, as the gondola will take you to areas at mid-station or at the top, which you can walk to.

Joining a Lesson

In some cases parents/family/friends do join the lesson. You are the best judge of whether or not this is the ideal learning environment for your child. Your child will be with one or more instructors who have taught many unique students how to ski/board. Some are paid and some are volunteers. Regardless, they are well-trained and have had exposure to varied disabilities. Many are teachers, doctors, nurses, special education assistants, ski school and patrol personnel. Rest assured that you/your child are in good hands. Most of our students ski independently with their instructor(s). Your attendance would be best if family skiing is your goal or if your attendance enhances the learning environment.

If instructors are skiing with your family, please keep in mind the instructors full attention is always on the student, their safety and their positive ski experience.

Lift Usage & Terrain Progression

(See Adult Sit Ski – Shape of the Day for additional information on sit ski/wheelchair logistics)

We will get out of the gondola at Olympic Station where we have our equipment hut. We may use the WASP equipment hut for equipment such as tethers, poles, edgy wedgies etc. and as a spot to take a break. Some of the best beginner terrain is in this area. Our safe terrain progression is from the small carpet, to the big carpet, to the Olympic Chair and then to the Emerald Chair. The magic carpet lift, which is much like a big conveyor belt, is used in the beginner’s area. Snowboarders remove their board and stand on the lift and skiers can ski directly onto the lift.

On this gentle slope you will be able to learn or demonstrate the ability to turn and stop. Different equipment and adaptations work with each student and this is the area to develop the best approach to enhancing your skiing or boarding skills.

More challenging terrain is accessed either by gondola or chairlift. As with the preceding lessons, instructors will continue with assistance while loading and unloading the lift, while getting comfortable and in control on increasingly difficult terrain and when speed control is required.


We can have breaks in the equipment hut or we can take the gondola up or down the mountain to access restaurants. Our recommendation is to take the gondola up the mountain to the Roundhouse Restaurant at lunchtime to enjoy a meal and, weather permitting, great views. Actual time on the snow will vary depending on weather and the stamina of the individual. If a full day lesson is not ideal for you/your child, please let us know. While there is no reduction in the price, arrangements can be made to start later or end sooner than 3:00pm.

End of Lesson

Full day lessons end at 3:00 at the WASP desk in the Carlton Lodge. Please be on time to meet the student at days end.

At the end of the day or lesson, we’ll download from Olympic Station. Any students who are meeting family and friends should do so at the WASP desk in the Carlton Lodge where they first met with the instructor. There is an opportunity at this time to discuss the lesson and arrangements for a next lesson, if one is planned. You can also decide to spontaneously add another one, if not previously planned. Just let the Supervisor know, so she can start to make arrangements immediately.

The lead instructor will be there to let you know the day’s progress. The WASP Supervisor is not there (she is in a de-briefing session with all instructors from 3:00-4:00pm), but can be called down to discuss any matters of concern with you.

Future Lessons

We can not always guarantee continuity of instructor or equipment for the next day, but every effort is made to do so, if possible. After your instructors have left you/your child, they come back to the office and fill out detailed post-lesson student progress reports, so that others may pick up where they left off.


Many people ask us about gratuities or “tipping”. Exceeding our Guest’s expectations is considered to be the norm within the Whistler Adaptive Ski & Ride Program and therefore tipping is neither necessary nor expected. While the choice is always yours, if you prefer, you can donate instead to the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program (WASP) Society. Since WASP is a registered charity, a tax receipt can be issued for amounts over $25.00. You can stipulate that your donation should be directed to the improvement of the Whistler Adaptive Ski & Ride Program (equipment, training, bursary programs, etc.) or you can simply contribute to any other of the worthy year-round programs WASP offers.

Lesson Feedback

A few days after your last lesson, the WASP Supervisor will send you a lesson feedback form. Please let us know if there are any ways we could improve the program/experience for you or your family. We are always interested to know how likely you are to recommend the program to friends or colleagues. The best gift we could get is your recommendation or endorsement. We love to place testimonials on our website, so please let us know if you feel comfortable allowing us to do so.

Contact Us

During the day, or after the lessons, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the WASP Supervisor at 604-905-2071. You can also email us at

There is information for the independent disabled traveler - More Information

You can also find useful information at www.whistlerforthedisabled.com

We look forward to welcoming you back to Whistler Blackcomb one day soon!