Shape of the Day - Kids Skiing

Here are some of the things you will do during your ski lesson in Whistler:

Meeting place. You will come to meet your ski instructor at the meeting place. You might even have more than one instructor because there are lots of instructors who want to ski too!
Ski equipment. Before we go skiing we have to get all the right ski equipment. We need ski boots, a pair of skis, a helmet, goggles and some warm clothes. Your instructor will help you get all the things you need, to have fun skiing on the mountain. Your instructor will help you put on your boots, skis, helmet and goggles. You will have to keep your helmet on whenever you are on the snow.
Chair lift. One of the best things about skiing is riding up the mountain on a ski lift. There are ski lifts all over the mountain and you may be able to ride on more than one if you go skiing all day. Some of the lifts are chairlifts and you just sit on those and ride up the mountain.
Gondola. There are other ones called gondolas and you walk right into those and ride up the mountain in a little cabin. Most people like the gondola best. The gondola is the first ski lift you will get to ride in. When you're in the gondola you can see a lot more of what is around you.
Weather. When we arrive up the mountain, we will get off the gondola and there will be lots of snow. Sometimes it will be sunny, sometimes it will be raining, some days it will be warm and some days it will be cold. It doesn’t matter what the weather is, we’re going skiing.
Magic Carpet. After a gondola ride your instructor can show you where to find the Magic Carpet and how to ride up the hill on it. It's a ride you can just stand on and it moves you up the hill (like magic).
Listen. Your instructor will show you how to stand in the right position to ski and how to make turns coming down the hill. You can ski right to your instructor or follow behind them. It is important for you to listen to your instructor and do the very best you can. You can ski.
Fun tools. When people are first learning how to ski they need some help. Your instructor will have all kinds of special tools that can help you to ski. The instructor may use ropes or poles or even a hula hoop to make skiing fun and safe.
Break time. Once you have skied a few runs you can take a short break. We'll go into the ski lodge to have a drink and rest awhile. If it's a cold day, we can warm up a little. If it's a wet day, we can dry off. We will go back to skiing after a break. You will already be able to ski better than you did when you first put on your skis.
Lunch. At lunch time we'll go to a big ski lodge and have something to eat. Sometimes at lunch we get to sit with other instructors and children and everyone can have fun at lunch together.
Snowman. If we get tired during the afternoon we can have another break. Sometimes we don't even go inside but have a break playing in the snow. Some children like to take a break to build a snowman. We can do a bit more skiing after an afternoon break.
Family. When we are finished skiing, it's time to go back down the mountain and meet up with your family. They are going to be very excited to hear about how you learned to ski. Once you're back with your family, your ski instructor will say goodbye. Maybe you will come skiing another day.