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The Hand-Off

A crew in Whistler Blackcomb's Highest Level Nintendo Terrain Park come across a lost GoPro. They agree it needs to go to Lost & Found, but there's a perfect park session begging to be shot with it first.

The Wonder Reels, Season 2: Watch It Unfold

Welcome back to a second season of chasing wonder. It’s a thrilling search for that elusive state that emerges when a spectacular place and a special moment collide. And while it might be elusive, there’s no question wonder seems to concentrate in these mountains.

Season 2 of the Wonder Reels brings you the sweet anticipation of a new season and the forecasting of a deep winter. We get a glimpse at the magic of an enchanted tree fort and the physiological impact of an adrenaline-inducing couloir. And, in celebration of the opening of the new Crystal Ridge Express and the Harmony 6 Express we’ll take a tour of Crystal’s powder-filled playground and get a Harmony history lesson from the Godfather of Freesking. So sit back, relax and take it all in. But don’t sit around for long, because your own wonder is waiting to be discovered here, at Whistler Blackcomb.

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