PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola Alpine Experience

Peak 2 Peak Alpine Experience

PEAK 2 PEAK Alpine Experience

Included in your purchase of your PEAK 2 PEAK Alpine Experience tickets:
  • Ride the various open-air chairlifts and gondolas, including the world-record breaking PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola. 
  • Access over 50 kms of hiking, running and interpretive walking trails. 
  • Venture inside the Samsung Alpine Theatre and watch some inspiring alpine videos. Opening early July.

The NEW Wonder Routes

The Wonder Routes network of trails, waypoints and stops was created to help you discover all the wonders of the PEAK 2 PEAK Alpine Experience. Pick up an Alpine Hiking Trail Map and guide yourself to find wonder.
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Wonder Routes

Alpine Vista Route

A sightseeing trip of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains for the whole family. Directions from Whistler Mountain. Recommended Ability: All ability levels / Time to Complete: Half or full day.

The perfect family-friendly way to view Whistler and Blackcomb. Take a journey on the spine-tingling PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola breaking three world records in the process. Return to the valley via Blackcomb, keeping your eyes open for families of black bears grazing under the chairlifts on your way back down. Board the Whistler Village Gondola up Whistler Mountain. Stop by the new PEAK 2 PEAK Viewing Platform and the Samsung Alpine Theatre before taking the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola to Blackcomb.

Alpine Wonder Routes

Wonder Routes

Top of the World Route

Visit the highest points on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Directions from Whistler Mountain. Recommended Ability: All ability levels / Time to Complete: Half or full day.

Whistler Blackcomb’s open-air chairlifts raise you up high over the tree line into the dramatic peaks and ancient glaciers of British Columbia’s impressive Coast Range. These mountaintops are the launching point for a variety of alpine experiences and adventures. At the peak of Whistler you can stroll the Whistler Summit Interpretive Walk, hike Peak Express Traverse and find great views of Black Tusk. Blackcomb’s pretty Alpine Walk overlooks the Fitzsimmons Valley and is close to the sunny patios of Rendezvous Lodge. From the Roundhouse Lodge, hike down the Peak Express Traverse 2 to board the Peak Express chairlift. At the summit you’ll find the Whistler Summit Interpretive Walk 1. Return to the Roundhouse Lodge via Peak Express and the Peak Express Traverse 2. Take the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola to Blackcomb to stroll the Alpine Walk 1, or (when in season) take the Complimentary Shuttle Bus to 7th Heaven Express and Blackcomb’s summit. Return to the Rendezvous Lodge by downloading 7th Heaven Express and taking the bus.

Alpine Wonder Routes

Wonder Routes

Running the Rooftop Route

An iconic trail runner route Directions from Whistler Mountain Recommended Ability: Advanced / Time to Complete: Half or full day

Hit this trail early to avoid hikers and to enjoy possible sightings of shy alpine fauna such as deer, grouse and pika. The High Note Trail is an undulating, runner’s-high-inducing, single track over Whistler’s rooftop. It winds past views of glaciers, Cheakamus Lake and rugged Coast Mountain terrain. As you run, you’ll find that the mountain has an expansiveness that enters every sense, the air is so clean that lichen still grows in the forests below. Start at the Roundhouse Lodge, then walk down Peak Express Traverse 2 to the Peak Express chairlift (open seasonally). At the top, start at the Inukshuk to your right, then follow the High Note Trail 5 . When the High Note Trail finishes, take Harmony Meadows trail 4 and return to the Roundhouse Lodge.

Alpine Wonder Routes

Wonder Routes

Alpine Lakes Loop

Hike to views of two spectacular alpine lakes and seasonal wildflower meadows. Directions from Blackcomb Mountain. Recommended Ability: Intermediate / Time to Complete: Half or full day.

Take Lakeside Loop and rugged Overlord Trail for sweeping views of the Overlord Glacier and alpine meadows, then visit Whistler’s Harmony Lake Trail and Loop. Both Blackcomb Lake and Harmony Lake are full of clear, glacier water tinted by mineral sediments. During the famous wildflower season, these mountains explode into a palette of colour with purple spreading phlox, blue sky pilot, moss greens, mountain heathers and green and yellow lichens on the glacier-worn rocks, all creating a dramatic visual display. Start at the Alpine Walk 1 on Blackcomb Mountain and then take Overlord Trail 2. When in season, the best flowery views are south of 7th Heaven Express. Return along Overlord Trail 2 , then take Lakeside Loop 5 for more wildflowers. This trail brings you back to Overlord Trail 2 and the Alpine Walk 1. Take the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola to Whistler’s Harmony Lake Trail & Loop 3.

Alpine Wonder Routes

Wonder Routes

Overlord Vistas

An epic dual-mountain full day hike Directions from Blackcomb Mountain Recommended Ability: Advanced / Time to Complete: Full day.

Enjoy a challenging hike on Blackcomb’s Decker Loop into Garibaldi Provincial Park with stunning views of the Overlord Glacier. Afterwards take the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola across to view Cheakamus Lake and volcanic Black Tusk from the High Note Trail. While catching your breath on this epic hike, watch ravens perform aerial courtship displays and keep your ears open for the whistles of Whistler’s namesake, the Hoary Marmot. Seasoned hikers challenge themselves by completing the entire circuit all in one day. Begin at the Alpine Walk 1 on Blackcomb Mountain. From Alpine Walk join Overlord Trail 2 all the way to where it forks into Decker Loop 6 . Follow Decker Loop back to where it becomes Overlord Trail 2 . Return along Overlord Trail to Alpine Walk 1 for the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola, which transports you to Whistler Mountain. On Whistler, walk down Peak Express Traverse 2 to Peak Express chairlift. High Note Trail 5 begins near the Inukshuk at the summit of Whistler and continues in a long loop round to Harmony Meadows 4 and then returns the Roundhouse Lodge. High Note Trail 5 also includes a fork where you can climb Flute and Oboe for views over the far side of the Mountain.

Alpine Wonder Routes

The PEAK 2 PEAK Gallery

The PEAK 2 PEAK Gallery offers an interactive look at the inner workings and mechanics of this engineering marvel. Located in the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola station atop Whistler Mountain.

PEAK 2 PEAK Viewing Gallery

 PEAK 2 PEAK - Viewing Gallery

World Records

Longest unsupported span of 3.024 kilometres.

Highest lift of its kind at 436 metres above the valley floor.

Completes the longest continuous lift system on the globe.

PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola Video Gallery

Summer Seasons

From June to October, as the snow melts and then starts to reappear, Whistler Blackcomb undergoes a broad transformation via three unique summer seasons. Learn more about each season to make sure that you get the most out of your PEAK 2 PEAK Alpine Experience. More Info »