RFID Access – New for Winter 2014.15

RFID Access

Welcome to a new age! All guests who visit Whistler Blackcomb during the 2014.15 Winter Season will receive a new RFID Access Card. Your Season Pass, EDGE Card, or Lift Ticket will be loaded onto an Access Card containing a RFID chip. 

 Check.  Secure.  Reload.
Check you have your own card. Cards are non-transferable.
Secure your card in a left pocket away from cellphones, credit cards and foil.
Reload extra days online & save. Reload days available soon.


What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification Device. The ‘device’ is a small circuit that is integrated into your Access Card, which contains information pertaining to your lift ticket, Season Pass, or EDGE Card. When you approach the access gate, the circuit in your card will register and open the gate automatically. No more fumbling with your Pass or Card!

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What does the Access Card look like?

Your Access Card will not look too much different than your Season Pass or EDGE Card. The real difference is the technology inside. Each card has an antenna embedded around the RFID chip which registers with the access gate when you approach the lift.

Do I need a new Season Pass or EDGE Card?

Yes. Due to RFID chip integration, your existing Season Pass or EDGE Card must be replaced. If you purchased your Season Pass or EDGE Card in the Spring, you will receive your new Access Card in the mail during the Fall of 2014.

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Where do I keep my card?

All of our RFID scanners will be located on your left hand side as you approach the lift. It is important that you keep your Access Card on the left hand side of your body. A pocket on your jacket is ideal given the height of the scanner.


Things to Avoid

  • Do not punch a hole in your card. Punching a hole could cause damage to the RFID antenna. Your new Access Card is not compatible with a lanyard.
  • Keep your Access Card away from your cell phone or any aluminum, as it may interfere with the RFID chip.
  • Do not lose your Access Card. There will be a $5 fee to reprint any Access Card.

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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) FAQ

Q: The Photo on my pass is not as clear as the old WB passes. How does Whistler Blackcomb know that the pass belongs to me? 

 The validators view of the guests profile

Answer:Whistler Blackcomb has a great quality colour photo associated with your customer profile in our system. This photo is displayed to our Validation team each time you pass though one of our Access Gates.

Since the new Access Cards remain in your pocket whiles skiing and riding on the Mountain it is the Photo on file that is now most important. In the early winter our software system will be upgraded to display this photo each time an Access Card us used to pay for a Retail or Food and Beverage Item using our Resort Charge functionality. Our Staff will verify that the person using the card as payment is the same person associated with the card in our system.  

Q: Where will the Access Gates be located?
Answer: On all chairlifts and gondolas on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. 

Q: Will Resort Charge still work?
Answer. Yes. If you opted in for Resort Charge, you can continue to make purchases at Whistler Blackcomb locations using your Access Card, which is linked to your credit card.

Q: Can I carry multiple Access Cards through the Access Gates, such as my child's card?
Answer: No, the Card(s) may not work properly.  Carry only your own Access Card when passing through the Access Gates.

Q: Why RFID technology?
Answer: First and foremost it gives hands-free access to our lifts. Also, once you have the Card you will be able to reload the card online at any time of day, without having to wait in any ticket lines. The reloadable Card will last multiple seasons, this way you can simply purchase/reload your ticket, EDGE Card or Season Pass and use it season after season. Furthermore, you’ll be able to track your day on the mountains and view stats such as number of runs and vertical skied (coming winter 2015/16).

Q: What is RFID? Radio Frequency Identification  
Answer: RFID is a small circuit integrated into your ticket, EDGE Card or Season Pass. When you pass through the lift line, this circuit will register and open an access gate automatically.

Q: Where should I carry my RFID access card?
Answer: You must put your RFID access card on the left side of jacket and in a separate pocket from things such as: cell phone, iPod, or any foil wrapped items such as gum wrappers, cold medicine etc.

Q: What information is stored on Pass/Ticket RFID Cards?
Answer: Each RFID tag physically contains only the randomly generated number associated with each unique user profile. No personal or additional information is stored on individual RFID tags.

Q: Can RFID be used to access my personal information?
Answer: Each unique RFID tag contains a multiple digit number randomly associated with a user profile. This profile is kept as a secure component of our new online store and user database, and will not be accessible to other guests or employees.

Q: Will my RFID Pass/Card interfere with other RFID products?
Answer: No; because each RFID tag is associated with a specific randomly generated number that is associated with a specific, secure database, other RFID products will not register within the Whistler Blackcomb lift access system. Other RFID products currently in use include the Expanded BC and WA State Drivers License, Canadian enhanced ePassports since July 2013, US passports issued since October 2006, and many current makes and models of alpine ski and snowboard equipment.

Q: Are there any other concerns associated with RFID?
Answer: Whistler Blackcomb is employing Passive RFID technology which does not radiate any RF energy, but simply reflects it. As a result, the passive RFID tags used at Whistler Blackcomb do not contribute any additional RF energy into the surrounding environment.

Q: Can I punch a hole in my RFID Access Card?
Answer: No, holes must never be punched in the access media cards – Tickets, EDGE card and Season passes. The card has an antenna embedded that surrounds the embedded RFID chip. Any damage to the surrounding antenna will render the card inactive and must be replaced at a replacement fee.

Q: Can a magnet destroy an RFID tag?
Answer: No. The chip information is not stored magnetically. Use of a magnet or other erasing devices has no effect whatsoever on the chip.

Q: Can chips ‘survive’; in pieces of clothing, washing machines and dryers?
Answer: Yes. RFID chips are designed in such a way as to survive normal wear and tear for years, washing and drying included. The RFID access card may turn blue as the thermal ink may be activated by the extreme heat however it will still work at the lift.

Q: Will RFID technology interfere with my other wireless technology?
Answer: The radio frequencies used by RFID are assigned by regulatory agencies around the world to help ensure that no interference occurs.

Q: What do I do if I lose my Ticket, EDGE Card or Season Pass?
Answer: Notify Guest Services immediately and they will deactivate your old card and reissue you a new card or pass ($5 replacement fee applies).

Q: Will my Season Pass or EDGE Card still have a colour photo?
Answer: If you are a Season Passholder or EDGE Cardholder, your new Access Card will include a photo, but it will not be printed in colour. Your Access Card photo will be printed in black and white, or blue and white depending on the type of product you purchase. Colour photos can still be submitted online.

Q: What about RFID & Pacemakers?
Answer:  RFID is the acronym for “radio frequency identification”.  Devices many of us use everyday function with radio frequencies and electromagnetic fields, such as radio units, cordless or cell phones, or wireless networks.  SKIDATA RFID readers are electronic devices that produce an electromagnetic field like any other electronic device used for hands-free technology.  Based on SKIDATA’s own records, its research and its reports of independent research conducted on the influence of electromagnetic fields on medical implants such as pacemakers, there is no known health risk of interaction between SKIDATA RFID readers and pacemakers.  However, if you wear a pacemaker, you should consult with your physician and refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific device, as you would with any electronic device.  Out of an abundance of caution, we recommend that guests with pacemakers not wear the lift access media card near their heart when passing through RFID gates.  We also recommend that guests not linger close to RFID readers, maintaining a distance of at least 8 to 12 inches from RFID readers while in line and when passing through the gate.

*If you wear a pacemaker or other medical implant and prefer not to pass through the RFID gate, please alert our validation staff at the lift and you will be given alternative direction for lift access.

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