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Heli-Skiing Ability Guide

Heli-skiing with us is about great skiing in gladed trees, open bowls and on glaciers. It is not about “extreme” skiing or jumping cliffs and rocks. We do however require that: skiers must be executing consistent turns and can ski blue and black runs with controlled speed. Snowboarders must be turning fall line on blue and black runs and must be able to traverse across various slopes and pitches and handle deep powder. 


Choose your ability level while taking into consideration your skills, ski fitness, number of recent skiing/riding days, the terrain and the pace of the day for each package. 
Blue/black runs refer to run classifications at Whistler Blackcomb which may be more advanced than your local ski area.


You are ski fit and confident on blue runs and can ski/ride black runs. You may have limited powder/off piste experience.


You are ski fit and have been skiing/boarding for years. You routinely ski/board black runs. You enjoy and seek out powder snow.


You are both ski fit and can ski long, off-piste pitches without stopping and rarely fall. You have plenty of powder experience.