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Privacy Policy

Whistler Blackcomb’s mission is to create memories as the best mountain experience again and again. We are proud of the relationships we have developed with our guests, and protecting their personal information is of utmost importance to us. Privacy legislation sets out rules how organizations such as ours can collect, use and disclose an individual’s personal information. This Policy outlines the principles and practices we follow to protect privacy.

The Policy applies to the Whistler Blackcomb family of businesses:  Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc., Whistler Mountain Resort Limited Partnership, Blackcomb Skiing Enterprises Limited Partnership and their subsidiaries, including Whistler Blackcomb Employment Corp., Resort Reservations Whistler, Whistler Heli-Skiing Ltd., Peak to Creek Lodging Company Ltd. doing business as Lodging Ovations, Crankworx Events Inc., Affinity Snowsports Inc., Summit Ski Limited, and any other subsidiaries of Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc. (together, “Whistler Blackcomb”).
This Policy outlines principles and practices we follow in protecting personal information of guests and other individuals we may interact with in our business other than employees (a separate policy applies to employees).
When we use the term “personal information”, we mean information about an identifiable individual such as someone’s home address, birth date, gender and family status.  Personal information does not include an individual’s business contact information such as name, title, and business address.  Personal information does not include aggregated information that cannot be associated with a specific individual.

Type of Personal Information We Collect
The type of information we collect depends on your relationship with us and how you use our products and services.  General examples include:

  • contact details, such as name, address, telephone number, email and other contact information;
  • age, date of birth and other proof of identity information;
  • credit card number and expiry date;
  • level of skiing/riding ability;
  • height, weight and other details pertinent to use of ski, snowboard, bike or other equipment;
  • transaction details, such as record of use of products and services, and any special requirements or preferences;
  • details of any accidents or other incidents while at Whistler Blackcomb Resort;
  • information collected through scanning of lift passes or otherwise as facilities are used, which information may include geographic location and the frequency of use of facilities;
  • photographs and videos that may be taken when facilities are used.

Purpose for Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
The primary reason we collect, use and disclose personal information is to provide products and services to guests, and to establish and maintain a responsible commercial relationship with guests.  This may include:

  • booking and selling lift tickets, passes, lessons, tours, programs, and events;
  • booking and selling accommodation, transportation and other travel-related services;
  • booking and renting ski, snowboard, bike and other equipment;
  • verifying identity if necessary for certain products and services we provide;
  • processing payments and administering our relationship with guests, suppliers and service providers;
  • assessing creditworthiness;
  • assisting us to understand needs and preferences of individuals;
  • investigating and reporting on accidents or other incidents;
  • assisting our administration and operations departments such as guest relations, sales, accounting, safety, and security;
  • providing guests with information about their use of facilities at Whistler Blackcomb Resort, such as number of runs or trails completed, how often and which lifts were ridden, and vertical distance skied or ridden;
  • providing guests with a means to combine lift use information with their online profile so that information can be shared with friends and family;
  • providing guests with medical services, including emergency medical services in the event that they are involved in an accident while participating in activities or using the facilities at Whistler Blackcomb Resort;
  • developing, enhancing, marketing, selling, or otherwise providing products and services of Whistler Blackcomb;
  • marketing, selling, or otherwise providing products and services of third parties with whom Whistler Blackcomb has a commercial relationship.

We may also collect, use and disclose personal information:

  • to meet legal and regulatory requirements;
  • to assist administration and management of our business and operations, including transfer of data within the Whistler Blackcomb family of businesses;
  • for other purposes identified to individuals or purposes obvious to individuals, in particular cases.

How We Collect Personal Information
In most cases we collect personal information directly from individuals, such as when they make an inquiry, request a product or service, in the course of providing that product or service, or when they have other dealings with us.  We may also collect personal information from other individuals who we believe have authority to provide such information, such as a parent, spouse or other family member who makes a purchase or booking on the individual’s behalf.  We may also collect personal information relevant to creditworthiness from other sources.
We may collect and update an individual’s personal information when they deal with us over the phone, by email, by fax, when they visit our websites or visit us in person, when they write to us, or if they participate in marketing surveys, campaigns, contests or competitions.
We also use technology that may collect information about an individual’s geographic location when they ride our lifts, by scanning their lift pass and using passive radio frequency readers mounted near our lifts.  We may combine this information with other personal information we have collected from an individual.
We may also collect personal information from third parties, such as a travel agent or travel wholesaler through which a booking is made.

When an individual visits our websites, we collect information that is automatically sent to us from the individual’s web browser.  Such information typically includes the visitor’s IP address; the name and version of the visitor’s operating system; the type and version of the browser in use; the date and time of visits to the site; and the pages accessed.  If the visitor was redirected by way of a link from another site, we may also record the page of site previously visited.
The information we receive depends on the settings of the visitor’s browser.  Such browsing information may be used to create statistics that help us understand our guests and their needs and help us improve our websites and ensure they are compatible with the technology used by our visitors.  Such information may also be used for marketing purposes and to help us improve a visitor’s experience on our websites.  We may collect IP addresses for the purposes of administering our systems, to report traffic data to our corporate partners, and to audit the use of our websites.  Although the information provided to us by a visitor’s web browser does not identify the visitor personally, such information may be combined with other information to identify a visitor personally.
We also use “cookies” to help us provide customized services and as a means to collect dependable and consistent traffic data.  A “cookie” is a small piece of data that is sent to a user’s browser from a web server and stored on a user’s hard drive.  Whistler Blackcomb and third party advertising providers may use cookies when placing advertisements on Whistler Blackcomb websites.  Anonymous data based on cookies and user IP addresses may be used to deliver advertisements that are likely to be of particular interest to a user.  Cookies can be disabled in a user’s web browser.
We may hire other companies to place our banner advertisements on other websites. Those companies may perform tracking and reporting activities on the advertisements they serve for us, as well as user reaction.  Such companies would not collect any information other than IP addresses and behaviours associated with those IP addresses on our behalf.

Disclosure of Personal Information
Whistler Blackcomb may disclose an individual's personal information to:

  • a person who in the reasonable judgment of Whistler Blackcomb is seeking the information as an agent of the individual;
  • a company or individual employed by Whistler Blackcomb to perform functions on its behalf, such as research or data processing;
  • an agent used by Whistler Blackcomb to evaluate the individual's creditworthiness or to collect the individual's account;
  • a credit reporting agency;
  • a public authority or agent of a public authority, if in the reasonable judgment of Whistler Blackcomb, it appears that there is imminent danger to life or property which could be avoided or minimized by disclosure of the information;
  • another entity as part of a merger, a sale of assets or all or part of a business, or any other corporate change or re-organization;
  • a third party or parties, where the individual consents to such disclosure or disclosure is required or permitted by law.

When you book certain services through us, such as accommodation, transportation, other travel-related services, tours, program, events and other services provided by third parties, Whistler Blackcomb will provide to the third party supplier that portion of an individual’s personal information that is necessary for the successful fulfillment and servicing of the individual’s booking.  Whistler Blackcomb may also engage third party service providers for the purpose of providing services or processing information on behalf of Whistler Blackcomb, and we may disclose personal information to such parties in connection with such purposes. Some third party suppliers and service providers may be located in other jurisdictions, and information in their custody (i) may or may not be subject to privacy legislation similar to that applicable to Whistler Blackcomb, and (ii) may be subject to laws applicable in such jurisdictions that permit access to such information by foreign governments or law enforcement agencies or by others.

If you activate a WB+ account, we will combine information we collect through scanning your lift pass with the information you provide to us through that account.  Information collected through your WB+ account and information combined in such manner is subject to this Policy.
In addition to other purposes outlined in this Policy, Whistler Blackcomb will use information collected through your WB+ account to establish, maintain and manage your WB+ account. Depending on the communication options you choose for your WB+ account, we may also send you messages related to your account, such as a summary of your day when you ski or snowboard, or sending you awards or special offers when certain milestones have been achieved.  You may unsubscribe from receiving such messages.   
WB+ account holders can manage the content and information they share when using their WB+ account through the privacy setting they select.  The privacy settings are as follows:

  • Invisible: The account holder will be able to view their own statistics on WB+, earn badges and set goals.  The account holder’s information (including the fact that the account holder is a WB+ member) will not be visible to other WB+ members or to the public.  The account holder will not be visible on leaderboards and their name/email address will not be searchable on WB+.
  • Private: The account holder’s name (or display name if preferred) will be shown on leaderboards and the number of days, lift rides and vertical meters the account holder has travelled will be publicly available.  Other WB+ members who have been accepted as Friends will be able to see more details about the account holder, including name, photo, display name, social accounts connected to WB+, position on Leaderboard, vertical ridden, lifts ridden, badges earned, days skied/ridden, streak (number of days in a row), date since being a Whistler Blackcomb skier/rider, date last active at Whistler Blackcomb, goals and progress towards goals, top 10 lifts, and vertical by day.  If the account holder permits, Friends will also be able to see daily detail, which includes each scan of the account holder’s pass (location, date and time).
  • Social: The account holder’s name (or display name if preferred) will be shown on leaderboards and details about the account holder will be publically available, including name, photo, display name, social accounts connected to WB+, position on Leaderboard, vertical ridden, lifts ridden, badges earned, days skied/ridden, streak (number of days in a row), date since being a Whistler Blackcomb skier/rider, date last active at Whistler Blackcomb, goals and progress towards goals, top 10 lifts, and vertical by day and other information shared by the account holder through WB+.  If the account holder permits, daily detail, which includes each scan of the account holder’s pass (location, date and time) will also be publically available.

For more information about WB+ accounts and privacy settings visit WB+ FAQ.
Through a WB+ account, you will have the option of sharing your experiences and information automatically with a third party site such as Facebook or Twitter.  The information you choose to share on those sites is not subject to this Policy.
Whistler Blackcomb collects, uses and discloses information for the purposes set out in this Policy and for other purposes that may be identified to individuals at the time of collection.  Except where limited exceptions apply, Whistler Blackcomb will make a reasonable effort to ensure that individuals are advised in advance of the purposes for which their personal information will be collected, used or disclosed.
Where consent is required for a particular use or disclosure of personal information, an individual may withdraw consent at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice.  If we send you messages by email, we will include instructions on how to unsubscribe and inform us of your email preferences if you decided you do not want to receive any future marketing or promotional emails.  A decision to withhold or withdraw consent may restrict Whistler Blackcomb’s ability to provide products or services.
Whistler Blackcomb retains personal information as long as is necessary for legal or business purposes.  Personal information that has been used to make a decision that directly affects an individual will be retained for at least one year.  Personal information that is no longer required is destroyed or made anonymous.
Whistler Blackcomb relies on individuals to provide accurate, complete and current personal information.  Where appropriate and upon request, Whistler Blackcomb will revise personal information if it is inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant.  Whistler Blackcomb may disclose the revised personal information to third parties to permit the revision of their records.  If your personal details change, such as your address or phone number, we encourage you to contact us or send an email to yourprivacy@whistlerblackcomb.com to update your details.

Whistler Blackcomb understands the importance of using security safeguards to protect personal information against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, modification or destruction.  Whistler Blackcomb employs physical, administrative and technological measure to protect personal information regardless of the format in which it is held and in accordance with the sensitivity of the information.  Whistler Blackcomb also takes measures to protect personal information disclosed to third parties, for example by contractual agreements stipulating the confidentiality of the information and the purposes for which it is to be used.

At any time, with sufficient information, an individual may seek access to their personal information held by Whistler Blackcomb by contacting the Privacy Office.  Whistler Blackcomb will endeavor to respond to all requests within 30 days or, in any event, as required or permitted by applicable law.  In some cases, Whistler Blackcomb may respond to a request with an estimate of the fee required for processing the request.  Individuals may be requested to pay all or part of the fee in advance of the processing of the request.
In certain situations permitted or required by law, Whistler Blackcomb may not be able to provide access to all the personal information that it holds about an individual. For example, Whistler Blackcomb may not provide access to information if doing so would likely reveal personal information about a third party.  If access to personal information cannot be provided, Whistler Blackcomb will, upon request, provide the reason for denying access.  Where information that Whistler Blackcomb is entitled or required to withhold is severable, Whistler Blackcomb will edit the personal information to allow access to the remaining information.
Upon request, Whistler Blackcomb will assist an individual with preparation of an access request.
We may change this Policy from time to time by posting the revised Policy on our website.  The changes will apply only to the personal information we collect after we have posted the revised Policy.
If you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy or practices, or would like to request access to your personal information, please contact our Privacy Office.




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Chief Privacy Officer
Whistler Blackcomb
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This Policy was updated on May, 2017.