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Positions as varied as our terrain
Love what you do! Because that’s what we’re all about. The Whistler Blackcomb staff is comprised of individuals who thrive to be outdoors, love the mountains, and are passionate about what they do. Joining our ‘rock star’ team includes a once in a lifetime experience with Whistler Blackcomb. #wbworklove

Behind the Operations


Whistler Blackcomb is made up of twelve key departments that are all integral to providing the best mountain experience again and again…



The Whistler Blackcomb Sales and Marketing team knows exactly what our mountains have to offer because they live and breathe mountain culture. These guys & girls will not be shy to tell you what the goods are on and off the resort.

A taste of their positions:

Interactive Marketing Web Administrator, Event Coordinator, Account Manager, Strategic Alliances & Partner Marketing, Referral Marketing & Social Media Coordinator, Brand & Content Marketing Manager, Public Relations Coordinator.

A glimpse of their team:

Name: Lauren Everest
Hometown: Carlisle, Ontario
Position: Public Relations & Communications Manager
Positions held at WB: Public Relations Coordinator, Public Relations Supervisor and Communications Manager for the World Ski & Snowboard Festival (WSSF)
Three words that sum up your job: NO DULL MOMENTS!
Best WB memory: The first time I stood at the Peak of Whistler Mountain back in 2006.

Name: Mike Crowe
Hometown: Guelph, Ontario
Position: Brand & Content Marketing Manager
Positions held at WB: Retail/Rental Clerk, Marketing Intern, Brand & Destination Marketing Coordinator, Brand Marketing Specialist, Brand Marketing Supervisor, Brand & Content Marketing Manager.
Three words that sum up your job: Best In Town
Best WB memory: Riding on top of a PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola cabin as it crossed the valley for a photo shoot.

Name: Chris McLeod
Hometown: Markham, Ontario
Position: Industry, Film and Communications Supervisor
Positions held at WB:Rental Technician, Senior Retail Rental Clerk, Retail Rental Supervisor, Sales Representative, Youth Business Developer, Account Executive National Sales, Industry Film & Communications Supervisor
Three words that sum up your job: Diverse, Unpredictable, Motivating
Best WB memory: Organizing and being on site for my first sunset film shoot on a massive jump built on 7th Heaven. It was pretty amazing to witness some of the top skiers in the world throwing down insane tricks with a helicopter in the air filming everything.



The Whistler Blackcomb finance team is home to a lot of our resident brainiac's. These guys & girls were smart to mix their finance skills with their love for the mountains. They don't mind being indoors, as long as they get to play outside on their days off.

A taste of their positions:

Accountant, Business Development Analyst, Finance Analyst, Investor Relations Manager, Deposits and Collections, Revenue Representative, Vault Clerk.

A glimpse of their team:

Name: Flora Ferraro
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Position: VP of Finance
Positions held at WB: Assistant Controller, Controller, Director of Finance and now VP of Finance
Three words that sum up your job: Fun, Interesting, Challenging
Best WB memory: There are too many and to be honest every day is memorable - I just have to take a look around me, from the daily interactions with the people I work with, to the vista outside my office, to the community I belong to.

Name: David Jones
Hometown: Manchester, UK
Position: Business Development Analyst
Positions held at WB: Payroll Coordinator, Payroll Reconciliations Accountant
Three words that sum up your job: Improving business processes.
Best WB memory: Activities with my team - curling, dragon-boat racing, hiking, treetop adventure course, mountaintop BBQs... there's too many good memories to choose just one!



The Whistler Blackcomb Employee Experience department has a heart for the staff. They work hard to make sure our staff receive the best of what WB has to offer. When you need something handled their office is the place to be. Their team can handle whatever you throw at them, even if it's hiring a couple thousand employees within a few short months! Yikes...

A taste of their positions:

Recruiting Coordinator, Employee Experience Officer, EE Communications & Administration Coordinator, Events and Recognition, Business Development Planner, Benefits Administrator.

A glimpse of their team:

Name: Brian Good
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Position: Employee Experience Manager
Positions held at WB: Employee Experience Officer, House Manager and Employee Experience Manager
Three words that sum up your job: Crazy, good fun.
Best WB memory: All the amazing days of skiing, biking and hanging out with coworkers/friends.

Name: Jen Mioska
Hometown: Coquitlam, BC
Position: Business Development Planner
Positions held at WB: Ski instructor, Ski School Lead Hand, Receptionist, Ski School Supervisor, Employee Services Lead Hand, Recruiter, Business Development Planner
Three words that sum up your job: Changes every day.
Best WB memory: The lifestyle that it has allowed me to live. To be able to work and play in the mountains every day is pretty sweet set up.



The Whistler Blackcomb Operations team is full of people that thrive in the outdoors. They love the mountains and work hard to make sure everything is running smoothly. You can find these guys & girls all over the mountain, whether it's loading you onto a chairlift, helping you out when you're hurt, or making that fluffy white stuff that we all love so much, and they always do it with a smile. This team is the epitome of a "work hard, play hard" life style!

A taste of their positions:

Terrain Park Host, Summer Glacier Worker, Groomer, Lift Host, Parking Host, Lift Operator, Mountain Safety Coordinator, Snowmaker, Employee Claims Coordinator, Ski Patrol, Hiking Guide, Tube Park Attendant.

A glimpse of their team:

Name: NaTai Perdue
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Position: Snow Maintenance Supervisor
Positions held at WB: Lift Host, Snowmaker, Snowmaking Lead hand, Snowmaking Supervisor, Snowmaking Maintenance, Snowmaking Manager, Snowmaking Maintenance Supervisor (what can I say? I like making snow! )
Three words that sum up your job: Fast paced, challenging, always interesting!
Best WB memory: Having my wife (whom I met at the GLC) and all three of our children enjoying our days skiing as a family!

Name: Kira Cailes
Hometown: Squamish, BC
Position: Safety Manager
Positions held at WB: Whistler Kids Ski Instructor, Professional Ski Patroller Blackcomb and Whistler, Bike Park Patroller, Bike Park/Alpine Patrol Supervisor, Whistler Ski Patrol Supervisor (and one year Blackcomb), Safety Manager
Three words that sum up your job: Dynamic, Interesting, Mountain life
Best WB memory: Sunsets at the end of the day when leaving the hill never get old!



The Whistler Blackcomb Food and Beverage team are as energetic and motivated as they come. The Front of the House team can strike up a conversation anytime- anywhere, smiling comes naturally to them, they thrive in a fast-paced environment. Our Back of the House team is home to our passionate foodies. These guys & girls enjoy being behind the scenes and when things get chaotic they're great at getting in the zone.

A taste of their positions:

Bartender, Prep Cook, Hut Bistro Worker, Server, Cashier, Food Station attendant, Cappuccino Bar Worker, Sous Chef, Cleaner, Catering Event Coordinator, Line Cook, Food Safety Officer, Hosts

A glimpse of their team:

Name: Lia Fowler
Hometown: Kitchener, Ontario
Position: F&B Support Service Manager
Positions held at WB: Blackcomb uniform clerk, House Supervisor, Employee Experience Supervisor, Cleaning Manager
Three words that sum up your job: We'll get it done!
Best WB memory: Heli Skiing with Paul Street and Stu Osborne in 2014

Name: James Paton
Hometown: Manchester, England
Position: Manager Rendezvous / Christine`s
Positions held at WB: Prep cook, Lead cook, Junior Sous Chef, Sous Chef, Front of House Supervisor- Roundhouse, Front of House Supervisor- Wizard Grill, Head Chef- Glacier Creek, Head Chef Roundhouse.
Three words that sum up your job: Bike, Ski, Family!
Best WB memory: Had a lot of fun, and met a lot of great people.



The Whistler Blackcomb Guest Services team have a heart for people. They're conflict-resolving ninjas and can bring order to chaos like a boss. They are enthusiastic, focused, and passionate. They want to make our guests voices heard and work towards improving our products.

A taste of their positions:

Reservation Host, Guest Relations Host, Administration Reception Senior Host, Snow School Sales Host, Pass Admin Coordinator, Advanced Sales Host, Ticket Seller/ Validator, On-hill Validator, Quality Assurance Coordinator.

A glimpse of their team:

Name: Sandi Britt
Hometown: Burnaby, BC
Position: Snow & Bike School Sales & Concierge Services Manager
Positions held at WB: Snow School instructor, Sales Host, Senior Sales Host, Snow School Sales Supervisor, Snow School Sales & Concierge Services Manager
Three words that sum up your job: Fun, inspiring and rewarding!
Best WB memory: Waffle Tracks at Blackcomb Mountain on the most beautiful morning ever!

Name: Matt Davies
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Position: Director of Guest Services
Positions held at WB: Retail/Rental Operations Manager, Retail/Rental General Manager and Director of Guest Services.
Three words that sum up your job: Living the dream.
Best WB memory: Every day I've spent on the mountain with my friends who happen to be my co-workers, skiing/riding and après-ing.



The Whistler Blackcomb Maintenance division is full of adventurous and passionate individuals. The experience of being on the WB Maintenance team is unparalleled. Who wouldn't want to be a tradesmen's at North America's #1 Ski Resort, working on unique features like The Peak to Peak Gondola!? With a get-er done and safety first attitude, this team works hard to ensure themselves enough free time to enjoy the features that they work so hard on perfecting.

A taste of their positions:

Lift Maintenance Millwright, Sign Maker, Carpenter, Plumber, Electrical Apprentice, Landscaper, Fleet Maintenance Planner, Glacier Bus Driver, Heavy Duty Journeyman Mechanic, Welder, Fleet Helper, Maintenance Planner.

A glimpse of their team:

Name: Merryn Gray
Hometown: Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia
Position: Millwright Apprentice - Lift Maintenance
Positions held at WB: Validator/Lift Operator, Lift Maintenance Helper, Millwright Apprentice (Lift Maintenance)
Three words that sum up your job: Something different everyday.
Best WB memory: Working a night shift in the winter while nearly a meter of snow fell that night, and then getting to ski it in the morning.

Name: Wayne Wiltse
Hometown: Penticton BC
Position: Lift Maintenance Manager
Positions held at WB: Maintenance Apprentice, Maintenance Tradesman, Lift Maintenance Supervisor
Three words that sum up your job: Fun but demanding.
Best WB memory: Toss-up between the Peak to Peak and 2010 Olympics.



The Whistler Blackcomb Retail/Rental team is full of people who love the goods. These guys & girls get excited about the latest and greatest quality products and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with our guests. They don't mind being indoors, if it means getting outdoors and utilizing those quality products on their days off!

A taste of their positions:

Rental Technician, Bike Mechanic, Hard Goods Buyer, Retail Clerk, Loss Prevention Coordinator, In-Resort Sales Coordinator, Inventory Control Clerk, Retail Brand Merchandiser, Retail Soft Good Coordinator.

A glimpse of their team:

Name: Ken Young
Hometown: Warwick, Queensland AUS
Position: Retail Rental Operations Manager- Summit Sport
Positions held at WB: Rental Technician, Retail Rental Supervisor- Four Seasons Rental & Garbanzo Bike and Bean, Retail Rental Assistant Manager-Four Seasons Rental & Garbanzo Bike and Bean
Three words that sum up your job: Challenging / Rewarding / #ahellofalotoffun (hashtag is one word right?)
Best WB memory: My very first opening day - November 19, 2010

Name: Deanne Gale
Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario
Position: Manager Showcase Snowboards & Retail Buyer
Positions held at WB: Retail Buyer
Three words that sum up your job: My dream job!
Best WB memory: Hanging out with Jamie Lynn back in the day when he came to custom paint the Volcom section in our Vancouver store.



The Whistler Blackcomb Snow and Bike School are the mountains biggest enthusiasts- they are adventure-seeking, patient, and passionate. These guys & girls are psyched that their job entails playing on some of North America's best terrain. "It's a dream come true to do what you love every day, and get paid for it!" ... And we couldn't agree more.

A taste of their positions:

Bike Park Guide, Snow School Instructor, Whistler Adaptive Sport Program Instructor, Snow School Support, Childcare Worker, Mountain Bike Trail Crew, Fire and Ice Jumper, Crankworx Event Worker, Bike Park Patrol, Crankworx VIP Coordinator, Hiking Guide.

A glimpse of their team:

Name: Donna Kerr
Hometown: Pemberton, BC
Position: General Manager - Whistler Kids
Positions held at WB: Ski instructor, Whistler Kids Supervisor, Whistler Kids Manager & Whistler Kids GM
Three words that sum up your job: Friendships, gratification & achievement
Best WB memory: So many to choose from! On a personal level - seeing all 3 of my kids take their "1st run to the valley" in lessons at Whistler Kids. We always recommend that parents watch their kids from "afar" - no distractions this way. I was the Mom who watched all 3 girls ski the entire run from the CLC to the Valley as all of them waved at me, skied out of line to show me their "pizza" and were fully distracted from their instructor - oops! On a different level being part of such a successful Snow School has been amazing! Thinking back to days where we would have 60 kids and think it was complete madness to current days of having 600+ kids thinking "what a great day". We have a ton of fun every day! With over 1,200 employees in the Snow School there are never 2 days that are the same. We ski, we work, we play, and we smile.

Name: Russ Wood
Hometown: Quesnel, BC
Position: General Manager- Private Lessons & Bike School
Positions held at WB: Summer Trail Crew, Ski Instructor, Snow School Supervisor (Various Types), Snow School Training Manager, General Manager- Private Lessons & Bike School.
Three words that sum up your job: Non Stop Entertainment
Best WB memory: Probably my days training for my CSIA level 4 and now helping other attain theirs. Early mornings on session, pounding the bumps, the feeling of helping others accomplish something special and of course meeting great people along the way!



The Whistler Blackcomb IT department is home to more of our resident brainiac's! Anything that you can't figure out, IT can. These guys & girls are like actual wizards, with a couple of clicks they can make even the most complicated situation disappear before your eyes.

A taste of their positions:

Helpdesk Supervisor, IT Business Support Team, Reporting and Data Specialist, Systems Architect, Software Engineer, Business Analyst, IT Coordinator, Product Driver.

A glimpse of their team:

Name: Yolanda Foose
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Position: IT Manager- Business Support Team
Positions held at WB: Kitchen Helper at the CLC, Ski Instructor Whistler Kids, Reservations Centre Host, Admin Assistant Whistler Kids, Destination Sales Coordinator, Sale Rep and Lift Product Driver, Business Analyst, RTP|One Project Manager, IT Manger- Business Support Team
Three words that sum up your job: Rewarding, Challenging, Exciting.
Best WB memory: My first day at work on Whistler Mountain, uploading the Village Gondola. I was so excited to be working here.

Name: Anton Taylor
Hometown: Lermoos, Austria
Position: IT Helpdesk Supervisor
Positions held at WB: Lift Host, Guest Services Host, Reservation Center Host and Senior Host, Product driver, Support Tech level 1, IT Helpdesk Supervisor
Three words that sum up your job: Challenging, Fun, Interesting
Best WB memory: Winning an ICE Award and going Bungee Jumping as a reward along with an amazing Dinner.



The Whistler Blackcomb Heli-Skiing division is packed with only the most experienced of individuals. They know the Coastal Mountain Range like the back of their hand. We won't lie, these guys & girls have it made... Not only do they get to ski fresh powder on the daily, they get to ride to work in helicopters!

A taste of their positions:

Heli-Skiing Ground Support, Reservations Host, Heli-Ski Guide, Powder Hut Coordinator, Field Operations Manager, Après Organizer.

A glimpse of their team:

Name: Kerri Gamble
Hometown: Lynn Valley, BC
Position: Reservations Manager, Whistler Heli-Skiing
Positions held at WB: Marketing E-commerce Coordinator, IT Business Analyst, Whistler Heli-Skiing Assistant Manager Reservations & Admin.
Three words that sum up your job: Powder, Smile, and Sunshine (But there's a lot of hard work to make that happen)
Best WB memory:First work day in a helicopter.

Name: Junichi Matsunaga
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Position: Volunteer Ski Patrol, Various positions including rental, Photo/Video, Reservations at WHS, Guiding at WHS.
Three words that sum up your job:Glacier Powder Helicopter
Best WB memory:The very first heli-snowboarding on December 18th, 1998.



Whistler Blackcomb's Vancouver Office is the company's Central Reservations division. This team is dedicated, passionate, and full of WB knowledge. This team works hard to meet the needs of our guest and ensure that they get the best prices for their holiday! From Travel Consultation to Marketing these guys & girls can do it all.

A taste of their positions:

Employee Experience Generalist, Customer Care Supervisor, Sales Manager, Marketing Specialist, Training Manager, Travel Manager, Workforce Manager.

A glimpse of their team:

Name: Sarah Buckley
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Position: Employee Experience at Resort Reservations Whistler (RRW) in Burnaby
Positions held at WB: Started in 2007 - Guest Services Senior Host, Snow School Sales Supervisor, Recruiting Coordinator, Employee Experience Officer
Three words that sum up your job: Fun, Challenging, Surprising
Best WB memory: Meeting great friends and mentors, growth and learning opportunities and the 2010 Olympic season.

Name: Ryan Webber
Hometown: Surrey, BC
Position: Workforce Manager
Positions held at WB: Engaging, Exciting, Dynamic
Three words that sum up your job: Glacier Powder Helicopter
Best WB memory: Proposing to my wife!