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2 Mountains And Over 50KM To Explore

PEAK 2 PEAK 360 Pass
Ride our chairlifts and gondolas to access trails that wind through a volcanic landscape surrounded by jaw-dropping vistas, ancient glaciers, alpine lakes and wildflower-filled slopes. In the height of summer, there are over 50km of trails to access, all of which you can connect with the Guinness World Record-breaking PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.

The PEAK 2 PEAK 360 Experience: your launch pad to our Outer Spaces.
A collage of hiking and walking on Whistler and Blackomb mountains

Essential Alpine Trail Routes


Everyone should experience the Peak Express. Ride the open-air chairlift above walls of shale and ice to Whistler’s Summit. You’re now at the gateway to Whistler Mountain’s vast system of trails. Take in iconic viewscapes of Black Tusk and Garibaldi Provincial Park from the summit viewing area or venture out towards High Note Trails – a world class alpine trail.

Easy Walking Icon Best Walk (1 hour or less)

  • Whistler Summit Interpretive Walk

Best Interpretive Walk on Whistler

Intermediate Hiking Icon Best Intermediate Hike (2-3 hours)

  • Harmony Lake Trail & Loop (accessed starting at Roundhouse Lodge)

Best Intermediate Hike on Whistler

Advanced Hiking Icon Best Advanced Hike (3-4 hours)

  • High Note Trail to Half Note Trail

Best Advanced Hike on Whistler

Signature Trails SIGNATURE TRAIL

High Note Trail

The best hiking experience on Whistler Mountain. Starting behind the Inukshuk at the top of the Peak Express chairlift, hikers will enjoy stunning views of Black Tusk and Cheakamus Lake as they descend through rugged terrain that mellows into a rollowing course. Loop back to the Roundhouse Lodge by heading north at thetrail junction away from Flute Summit and Singing Pass.

Length: 9.4km (5.8mi)
Time Required: 3-4 hours (loop from Top of the World Summit to Roundhouse Lodge)
Elevation Change: 258m (846ft)

Signature Trail on Whistler


The perfect launching point for a range of alpine journeys, Blackcomb Mountain provides it all. Explore the solitude of the sun-loaded southwest flank in the mountain’s famous 7th Heaven Zone with a selection of easy and moderate and advanced trails available. Trek through old-growth forests, visit seasonal alpine lakes fed by glacial melt, or soak up views of the historic Spearhead Traverse where the glacial peaks of Fissile, Decker, Overlord, and Tremor stand against the sky.

Easy Walking IconBest Walk (1 hour or less)

  • Alpine Walk

Best Walk on Blackcomb

Intermediate Hiking Icon Best Intermediate Hike (2-3 hours)

  • Overlord Trail to Lakeside Loop

Best Intermediate Hike on Blackcomb

Advanced Hiking Icon Best Advanced Hike (3-4 hours)

  • Overlord Trail to Decker Loop

Best Advanced Hike on Blackcomb

Signature Trails SIGNATURE TRAIL

Decker Loop

Connecting with Overlord Trail, the Decker Loop is a world-class alpine trail and the best hiking experience on Blackcomb Mountain. Start this journey by hiking clockwise up and into Garibaldi Provincial Park with incredible views of ancient mountain peaks, the Overlord Glacier and the Decker Tarn – a glacial alpine lake. Length: 1.8km (1.1mi); 45-75 minutes (one-way)

Length: 7.1km (4.4mi)
Time Required: 3-4 hours (loop from Rendezvous)
Elevation Change: 261m (856ft)

Signature Trail on Blackcomb


A New Uphill Hiking Experience

Starting from the base of Blackcomb Mountain, the ascent trails will be three new interconnected uphill hiking trails that meander through beautiful old growth coast rain forest terrain leading to the Rendezvous Lodge. Phase 1, which takes you to the top of the Wizard Express chairlift is open for summer 2016 where phase 2, to the Rendezvous Lodge, will open in summer 2017.

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Blackcomb Ascent

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Timed Hiking

Exclusive to PEAK 2 PEAK 360 Passholders and Winter Season Passholders, guests can view their number of days, time their hikes and earn badges with WB+ and RFID technology. Please note, this feature is not included for single-day ticket holders. Upgrade your day ticket to an unlimited PEAK 2 PEAK 360 Season Pass from just $33.

  1. Next to PEAK 2 PEAK terminal on Whistler
  2. Top of Peak Express Chairlift on Whistler
  3. Flute area at end of High Note trail on Whistler
  4. Next to PEAK 2 PEAK terminal on Blackcomb
  5. End of Alpine Walk trail on Blackcomb
  6. End of Overlord trail on Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb & BC Parks Join Forces For Wonder

Working in close partnership with BC Parks, Whistler Blackcomb has developed the High Note Trail on Whistler and the Overlord-Decker Trail on Blackcomb to allow guests privileged access to some of BC Parks' most spectacular alpine scenery. This partnership provides:

  • Alpine access to Garabaldi Provincial Park - 194,650 ha in size
  • Observation and education opportunities, from professional research initiatives to guest participation 
  • A destination for wilderness enthusiasts - from glacial lakes to volcanic peaks



  • Never hike alone.
  • Be prepared. Mountain weather changes frequently so carry extra clothing.
  • Observe all closures. Stay on marked trails to avoid damage to the alpine ecosystem.
  • Steep slopes, snow and ice fields are very dangerous. You may encounter various hazards such as cliffs, glaciers, crevasses, rock falls, avalanches and unstable surfaces.
  • Treat all wildlife with caution. Do not feed or approach bears.
  • Carry water, a snack, sunscreen and a watch. Make note of the last ride down (5:30pm).
  • No hiking permitted in the Bike Park.
  • No fires, dogs or camping allowed.


  • If you encounter avalanche explosives, do not touch and keep well away. Mark the location and report it immediately to any mountain employee.
  • Due to fire and environmental concerns, smoking is not permitted anywhere on Whistler Blackcomb property.


The slopes of Whistler Blackcomb provide the perfect environment for black bears.

  • If you see a bear, do not approach him/her. Give the bear time to get away or if he/she approaches, back away slowly.
  • While hiking, make a noise occasionally or wear a bell to help prevent surprising an animal.
  • Never litter, even biodegradable items such as fruit peels. It only attracts bears and gets them into trouble. These days, bears need our respect and support more than ever, so we can share the mountains with them for generations to come.