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Giant Snow Wall of Whistler

Giant Snow Walls

Frozen. In Time.
A labyrinth of snow walls tower above Pika's Traverse on Whistler Mountain for a short period of time in early summer. The walls are carved from the abundance of snow received from the past winter which provide a unique route for guests to access the alpine. But they don't last forever, so experience them before they melt. Snow walls are just one part of the PEAK 2 PEAK 360 Experience.

The PEAK 2 PEAK 360 Experience: your launch pad to our Outer Spaces.
Giant Snow Walls of Whistler

Time Required

60-90 minute round trip from Roundhouse Lodge

Difficulty Level: EASY

Locations of Snow Walls

The Snow Walls are located on Pika's Traverse hiking road on Whistler Mountain.

Snow Wall Location on Whistler Trail Map
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