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Top of the World Summit

Reach. New heights.
Stepping off the Peak Express chairlift to the summit of Whistler Mountain truly feels like you're on top of the world. Jaw-dropping views of the surrounding Coast Mountains like the iconic Black Tusk, the Tantalus Range, Castle Towers, and more present themselves in full view. These ancient peaks formed from prehistoric volcanic activity and today they stand on-guard in their incredible beauty as the thrones of this region. No other place displays the alpine like the Top of the World summit does, making this journey a must-do for all ability levels.

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Hours of Operations
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Top of the World Summit - View from the top.

How To Get Here

Take the Peak Express Traverse trail from the Roundhouse Lodge to the Peak Express chairlift. Ride the chair over shale and snow to the summit of Whistler Mountain.

Top of the World Summit - How to Get Here - Map


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Things To Do

Interpretive Stroll

Difficulty Level: Easy/Everyone

Take a stroll on the Whistler Summit Interpretive Walk and enjoy a snack or a hot beverage at the Nestle Summit Snack Shack

Time Required - 60-90 minutes (round-trip) from Roundhouse Lodge via Peak Express chairlift.

Top of the World Summit - Interpretive Stroll

New Perspectives

Difficulty Level : Intermediate/Active

Instead of riding the Peak Express chairlift back down, take a walk down Mathew's Traverse Road to Pika's Traverse Road back to the Roundhouse Lodge. This easy walk down a wide road offers new perspectives to the alpine landscape appropriate for people wanting a little activity.

Time Required - 90-120 minutes (round-trip) from Roundhouse Lodge

Top of the World Summit - Hiking on Mathew's Traverse road.

High Note Trail

Difficulty Level : Advanced/Adventurous

Embark on an epic alpine adventure by taking a hike on the signature High Note Trail. This iconic hiking trail stretches from Whistler's Summit and out into Garibaldi Provincial Park to the base of Flute Bowl and back to the Roundhouse Lodge. It's the best experience for anyone wanting a days adventure.

Time Required - 3-4 Hours (round-trip) from Top of the World Summit to Roundhouse Lodge.

Top of the World Summit - Running on High Note Trail.
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