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20th Annual Showcase Showdown

Mar 25

The Showcase Showdown returns for its 20th year! To celebrate, we inspired by our 1997 roots and 90's video games. So come out and see who get's crowned Shredder of the Mountain.

Showcase Showdown


Shredder of the Mountain featuring a 90's Video Game Theme

There will be 5 Levels (Features). Riders will be ranked in each level.  Points will be awarded for each ranking. The rider with the most points at the end of the day will be crowned "Shredder of the Mountain"


  1. Snake Run - timed event
  2. Euro Carve - judged event
  3. Jump (35' option and a 10-15' option) - judged event
  4. Rails (2 options) - judged event
  5. 1/4 pipe - judged event

Format and Rules

Event Schedule



Entry Fees

Adult  $30.00
Youth $15.00
Child $15.00

Discounted Lift tickets available for athletes and spectators.


Awards for the winners of each level (feature) as well a the "King of the Mountain"  

Cash and swag will be handed out all day on site.