Whistler Blackcomb's Water resources are managed by highly trained Staff experienced in water delivery and awarded for Excellence in the Water & Waste Water Community by the British Columbia Water & Waste Association.


Whistler Blackcomb's Water resources are managed by the Snowmaking Department.

Snowmaking Maintenance staff are highly trained and experienced in water delivery:

  • Industry Training Authority(ITA) Red Seal Certified Millwrights
  • Environment Operators Certification Program (EOCP);
  • Level I Water Treatment
  • Level II Water Distribution
  • Cross Connection Control Testing

Our operators have recently received the prestigious Victor M. Terry Award for Excellence in the Water & Waste Water Community by the British Columbia Water & Waste Association.

All on hill Drinking Water is supplied exclusively from Deep Wells located near each mountain restaurant.

Drinking water and water used for making snow, are completely isolated from each other with no possible connection. Snowmaking water is supplied for the toilets in; The Rendezvous, Glacier Creek and Chic Pea. WhistlerBlackcomb supplies untreated water as a green strategy to help preserve precious ground water.

System Summary

  • 12 Facilities Served.
  • 8 Deep Wells, with an average depth of 120 meters.
  • 9 Buried Storage Tanks.


VCH is in regular communication with WB operators to insure all requirements of our Operating Permits are satisfied. Among these are:

  • Bi-Weekly Bacteriological samples but be submitted from every Restaurant
  • Annual inspection/cleaning of all Storage Tanks and Distribution Lines
  • Regular inspections of all Facilities and Well’s

The Drinking Water Protection Act Regulation has a requirement for a water supplier to provide an annual report as per below.

For the purposes of section 15 (b) of the Act, a water supplier must prepare and make public, within 6 months of the end of the calendar year, an annual report of the results of the monitoring required by this regulation, its operating permit or the drinking water officer.

2017 Drinking Water System Annual Report


  • 241 Bacteriological samples submitted to VCH with NO positive results for Total/Fecal Coliform or E.coli
  • Annual chemical testing completed on all water supplies with all results within the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality


Whistler Blackcomb Cross Connection Control Program

Water safety is a priority at WhistlerBlackcomb. In order to maintain strict control over our water supply a Cross Connection Control Program has been implemented. This program insures that all of our drinking water systems are potable.