22nd Annual Showcase Showdown
This event is jam format contest with 3 features in a custom built venue and is open to 4 categories of snowboarders.
Daily: Mar 30 - Mar 30
Whistler Mountain
Pre-Registration $30 (for all riders 19+) $25 (for all riders 18-) Day of Registration $35 (for all riders 19+) $30 (for all riders 18-)
22nd Annual Showcase showdown - Come on down! Featuring the Burton Wheel of Tricks... where the wheel will stop no-body knows but can you land the trick when it does? Register through Guest Services 1-800-766-0449 or at Showcase (starting Feb 15). Bib Pick-up and Day of Registration on-site at the top of Whistler Mountain from 11am - 3pm Helmets Mandatory Snowboarders only