Below is how we define the levels and match them to our package options:

(I) Intermediate

  • Blue Runs: Ski/board them with little trouble doing parallel turns down the fall line.
  • Black Runs: Occasionally ski/board them.
  • Double Black Runs: Not comfortable on double blacks.
  • Off Piste/Powder: Have limited experience with different snow conditions and powder.
  • Pace of the Day: Short pitches of skiing with lots of stops for rest, skiing tips and pictures. Terrain: Intermediate terrain.

(I+) Strong Intermediate

  • Blue Runs: Routinely ski/board them.
  • Black Runs: I have been down double black runs but generally avoid them.
  • Double Black Runs: Occasionally ski a double black when the conditions are right.
  • Off Piste/Powder: Have tried the bowls on a powder day with reasonable success.

(A) Advanced

  • Blue Runs: Have been skiing/boarding for years and get many days in during the season. Blues are easy.
  • Black Runs: Routinely ski/board them.
  • Double Black Runs: I can ski/ride double black runs.
  • Off Piste/Powder: Enjoy powder, ski/boards with reasonable success and seek it out whenever possible.

(E) Expert

  • Blue Runs: No problem on any blue run.
  • Black Runs: No problem with any black runs.
  • Double Black Runs: I really enjoy skiing/riding a double black run when conditions are right.
  • Off Piste/Powder: Lots of powder experience and like to ski it quickly, rarely falling.

What We Strive For

Our goal is to make sure every guest has the best day possible. When deciding on a heli-ski package it is most important to choose one that fits your ability level to maximize everyone's experience.

We will group you with other guests based on your ability level and package. If you over-estimate your ability, it will affect the pace of the day, terrain selection, and other guests' enjoyment. Logistically, it is very difficult for us to remove you from the field, have you sit out a run, or move you to a different group, so an honest analysis beforehand is critical.

If you really want to ski with your friends, but they are of a higher ability than yourself, please give us a call and we can help decide which package is best for you. Our experienced staff will be able to guide you in the right direction.

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