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We recommend that you be of advanced or better ability and ski fit. 
The average run is roughly 2,000 vertical feet (600 m), but they vary from 1,400 to 5,000 vertical feet (400 m to 1,500 m). The time it takes to complete each run depends on each individual's ability, with the average being around 45 minutes. A group of expert skiers will move at a faster pace than a group of advanced skiers.
We operate in the remote wilderness of the Pacific Coast Mountain Range, to the east, north, and west of Whistler Resort. This is a region of extensive glaciation and sub-alpine partially treed areas. For further details refer to our area map.
There is always some level of avalanche danger in the mountains in winter. This danger level fluctuates constantly with changing snow and weather conditions. The guides monitor these conditions daily and consider this information when choosing which runs to ski.
Snow conditions on the mountains vary considerably over the course of the winter as the snow is subjected to sun, wind, temperature variation, and new snowfalls. Snow conditions change almost every day. We are fortunate to be in an area where generally there are frequent snowfalls that usually produce good powder snow conditions.
No way! The helicopter lands at the tops of the heli-ski runs to allow all skiers to exit the helicopter, and to allow the guide to unload the skis, poles, and snowboards.
If you are interested in doing several extra runs, please mention this when you make your reservation, although these decisions are most often made in the field. Extra runs are commonly available subject to how skiers are feeling, weather and day light considerations.
The further in advance that you make a reservation, the more likely that you will be able to reserve for the dates you want. We work on a first-reserved, first-served basis. Our prime ski times (February and March) are often booked up weeks in advance. Reserve early to avoid disappointment!
Whistler Heli-Skiing has been providing great powder experiences since 1981. We have good terrain, good snow, and good guides. Whistler Heli-Skiing operates from the world-famous Whistler Resort, allowing our heli-ski clientele to partake in the fantastic range of accommodations, restaurants and amenities that are available here. This gives you and your party the flexibility of enjoying heli-skiing along with the Resort's other activities, including skiing on Whistler Blackcomb.
Yes we do and this has rarely proven to be a problem.
All our prices are quoted and transacted in Canadian dollars. If you are not used to dealing with Canadian dollars, be sure to check into your country's currency exchange rate for a proper price comparison. Exchange rate information is available from banks and exchange rate websites.
We typically ski on the many glacier runs in our areas. If the weather does not allow us to get to the glaciers, we ski in sub-alpine open tree runs. The guides try to select terrain suitable for each group's abilities, but always consider snow, weather, and avalanche conditions. If conditions and abilities allow, we frequently do some good steep runs
Whistler Heli-Skiing does allow minors to go heli-skiing provided they are 14 years old or older and:
  • The person is a good skier or snowboarder. (Most minors that go heli-skiing have been in junior race or free-style programs).
  • The person is of mature character and is used to dealing with adults.
  • The person has their waiver signed by a parent, or guardian of legal age.
  • If they are under 16 years old then they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • Whistler Heli-Skiing reserves the right to refuse any minor that we feel will not properly fit into the heli-ski day.
Personal transceivers are accepted at the guides discretion, if it has three antennas, charged batteries and is in good working order. You must have practiced with it and you must be familiar with how it operates.

Whistler Heli-Skiing rentals covers powder skis or snowboard with bindings. We do not rent boots, poles, helmets or clothing. A Whistler Blackcomb rental store will offer these items.

Unfortunately not there is not enough room in the helicopter ski basket to carry any extra skis or snowboards.
All skiers and boarders must wear a small backpack that includes a shovel and probe that we provide. Unless you are carrying an avalanche airbag, personal packs must be left behind.
Guests are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottle that they can carry in the provided backpack while skiing. Whistler Heli-Skiing as part of Vail Resorts, “Commitment to Zero” is committed to a goal of zero waste to landfill by 2030. Please help us in our goal and to help reduce the use of single use plastic bottles.
Your ski attire should be very similar to what you would wear for a day on Whistler or Blackcomb Mountains. The modern ski clothing of breathable, water-resistant, and windproof materials is very good. The layer system is best but avoid the temptation to over-dress. Goggles, gloves, and a hat are a must, and sunglasses and sunscreen are necessary on sunny days in the spring. A wool or fleece hat is better than a baseball cap, which can be blown away by the helicopter.
Whistler Heli-Skiing does not require guests to wear an airbag; however we allow you to bring one if it makes you feel safer in the mountains. Rental packs are available in limited supplies at Excess Backcountry in Whistler Village. With advanced notice, we'll be pleased to refer your inquiries to this location.

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