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Industry Information Exchange Program

Whistler Heli-Skiing is a proud supporter and subscriber to the Canadian Avalanche Association's Industry Information Exchange Program (InfoEx).

Operating continuously since 1991, this daily exchange of technical avalanche, terrain, snow and weather data, along with detailed hazard assessments improves each subscriber's awareness of the conditions across western Canada.

This greatly enhances each subscriber's ability to manage local avalanche risk.

InfoEx serves as one of the key sources of data and assessments used by the Canadian Avalanche Centre's public avalanche forecasters to produce and verify public avalanche bulletins and warnings. The value of the InfoEx contribution to public avalanche safety is estimated to be in excess of $2 million annually.

Avalanche Danger Ratings

The Canadian Avalanche Center's public avalanche danger ratings and warnings are intended solely for those who must make their own decisions in avalanche terrain. Our guests are under the care of professionals who manage avalanche risk by choosing terrain that is appropriate for the current conditions.

The center's danger ratings are based on very large regions (e.g., the North Columbia region is approximately 60,000 square kilometers—roughly the size of Switzerland). Public avalanche forecasts are a general summary of conditions. There can be significant variation within a forecast region.

With us, you will be guided by professionally trained guides who have years of experience in our terrain. Our team is out amidst the terrain most days throughout the season, monitoring snow, weather and avalanche conditions.

Based on local knowledge and experience, we have a much greater degree of accuracy in our assessments and may be able to operate in conditions that would not be recommended for amateur recreationists.

Trained, experienced professionals can determine if snow stability and avalanche hazard is improving or worsening, but no one can predict with absolute certainty precisely when and where an avalanche will occur.

Given the current state of avalanche science and operational expertise, unexpected events can still occur.

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