DFX Kids 5-Day Camp

The perfect way for your kids to experience the thrill of both cross-country and downhill mountain biking this summer. For beginner through expert riders, we keep the excitement levels high for a truly unforgettable summer adventure.
Please Note

Groups will be split by ability and age with 5 – 8 year olds and 9 – 12 year olds grouped together whenever possible. Maximum of 6 children per coach. Groups may need to change on Downhill days depending on ability/experience in the bike park.
  • 5-12 YRS


  • Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Strong Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert Riders.
  • Beginner riders need to be comfortable riding a two wheel bike without training wheels and confidently be able to use hand brakes.


Offer Available ALL summer. Only valid for same participant in the same season.

Plan For The Day


7:45am - 9:00am

  • Drop in and 5 day Early Care available. See details below.

9:00am - 9:30am
  • Pick up vouchers, collect safety information, sign waivers at Garbanzo Kids location, pick up Bike Rentals and Equipment.
  • Meet the coaches at Garbanzo Kids location. Coaches will assess your child's level and form groups on ability and past experience.

9:15am – 9.30am
  • Meet your child's coach at Garbanzo Kids location ready to ride.

9:30am - 12:00pm
  • Skill development and riding trails.

12:00pm - 12:30pm
  • Lunch at CLC at mid station on the Whistler Mountain - Lunch time may vary. Bagged lunches (provided by DFX) may be taken on the trails on Tuesday and Thursdays.

12:30pm - 3:15pm
  • More riding and having fun. Time may also be spent at the lake or local playgrounds.

3:15pm - 3:30pm
  • Pick up time back at Garbanzo Kids.

3:30pm - 5:30pm
  • Drop in and 5 day Aftercare available. See details below.


Drop In and 5 Day package available
Early Care: Children are welcome to bring breakfast to Early Care. Children will play games inside until it's time to be ridden over to DFX Camp where they will be set up with their coach.
  • Monday - Friday 7:45 - 9:00 am
  • 5 Day Package $35
  • Drop In $10

Aftercare: Children will play games, do crafts and play outside. Please pack extra snacks for aftercare. Your child's coach will drop them off at Blackcomb Kids and write a progress card to give you details of their day.
  • Monday - Friday 3:30 - 5:30 pm
  • 5 Day Package $65
  • Drop In $20

Ability Levels

  • I am still getting used to my bike and I ride on pavement or wide gravel trails.
  • I can ride comfortably on a two wheel pedal bike and know how to use my hand brakes.
  • I am still working at my stamina for longer distances and I haven't ridden much on dirt trails.
  • I am comfortable on green and easy blue single track trails, I can confidently use my hand brakes and change gears.
  • I can ride and carry momentum through bumpy, rooty sections of trail without putting my feet down.
  • I can ride down some stairs, wide ladder bridges and skinnys on the ground.
  • I am comfortable riding longer distances (8-10 km with breaks) and I don't complain when pedaling uphill.
  • I am comfortable on all blue single track trails.
  • I can maintain my momentum and ride through rocky, rooty sections both up and down.
  • I have good stamina both up and down trails and can pedal long distances (10-15 km with breaks).
  • I can comfortably ride raised ladder bridges and small rock faces.
  • I know how to do a front wheel lift.
  • I am a strong rider on all blues and easy blacks and I can ride all or most of the features.
  • I am confident on this level of trail in the Bike Park and cross country.
  • I ride at a moderate but safe speed and carry my momentum.
  • I can do a rear wheel lift, bunny hops, a track stand, and small jumps and drops with correct technique.
  • I am excited to ride steep roll downs, raised ladder bridges and technical trails.
  • I am comfortable at fast speeds on all black trails both cross country and in the Bike Park.
  • I can pick a line through difficult technical sections, ride steep rock faces and raised skinnys.
  • I have good technique and can carry and judge my speed to do medium jumps and drops.
  • I am excited to ride long difficult trails and have good stamina for long climbs (15-20 km rides with breaks).
  • I am prepared to be out on the trail or riding in the Bike Park all day.
  • I am confident at high speeds on all trails, I can climb easily up technical trails and ride all the features on black and some double black trails both cross country and in the Bike Park.
  • I can clear large drops and jumps with correct technique.
  • I love to ride and really want to push myself to be better and stronger on my bike.



Yes. Lunch is provided.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Bagged lunches are delivered to either Lost Lake, Rainbow Park or Meadow Park depending on what trails groups are riding. On rainy days lunch will be eaten inside at Blackcomb Base. A daily choice of sandwich is provided, plus fruit, veggies, desert item and juice box.
Wednesday and Friday lunch is at CLC at mid station on the Whistler Mountain which provides an indoor seating area to keep out of the sun/rain. Lunch choices include a daily special or a variety of sandwiches/wraps plus soup and salad, fruit and dessert.
If your child has allergies or dietary requirements please inform the instructor.


 Bike with a minimum of 20" wheels, have front suspension* and hand brakes (front and back), no coaster brakes allowed. Disc brakes highly recommended. Bike should be suitable to pedal in the valley and go in the Bike Park on park days, two bikes may be used. DH bikes can be rented for park days.

Bikes need to be in good working order.

We suggest taking the time to take your child's bike to your local bike shop and get it tuned up ready for the summer. Bike shops are very busy at the start of summer so make sure you leave plenty of time to get this done before your child starts riding.

* Bikes will be inspected on the first day of the program to ensure Bike Park suitability or contact the program supervisor in advance.

A Hydration Pack is required to carry water on the trails.


  • Brakes – The brakes are working well, your child should be able to pull the brakes levers easily to bring the bike to a complete stop when travelling at speed. Your child should be able to reach the brake levers easily.
  • Suspension – The suspension is working; not leaking oil and can be moved up and down when weight is applied.
  • Chain – is oiled and is free of rust.
  • Gears – can be changed easily and do not skip.
  • Tires – are not bald, have lots of tread left and are pumped up firmly.
  • Bolts – all bolts and nuts should be tight and secure.

    Bring a well-fitting XC/half lid helmet, arm and leg armour and biking gloves. Hydration pack.


    Bring a well-fitting full face helmet, arm and leg armour and biking gloves. Full body armour is highly recommended.


    Please dress appropriately for the weather/temperature. Shorts and T-shirt are fine with a sweater or track pants for colder days. Closed toes shoes are required, no sandals or flip flops. We will be riding in all weather, so please be prepared with rain gear and sunscreen!

Guests are required to present the credit card used for purchase upon activity check-in.

Family Adventure Packs are only available for online purchase. Cannot be purchased in person at the window.


JUNE 25 - AUG 31, 2018

  • 9:00am - 3:30pm
  • Meet at Garbanzo Kids located beside the Whistler Gondola entrance, at the base of Whistler Mountain.
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
  • XC days riding trails in the Valley
Wednesday & Friday
  • DH days riding trails in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park
START (Mondays) END (Fridays)
June 25 Jun 29
July 2 July 6
July 9 July 13
  July 16 July 20
  July 23 July 27
  July 30 August 3
  August 6 August 10
  August 13 August 17
  August 20 August 24
  August 27 August 31


  5 - Days $209.99
DH days only

3 for 2 offer not available on rental portion. Rental price is already offered at 50% off regular price.


Downhill Days: Wednesday and Fridays
  • Junior Dual suspension 24" wheel bike with disc brakes and basic armour package (arm & leg pads, gloves and full-face helmet).
  • Junior Dual suspension 20" wheel bike with disc brakes and basic armour package (arm & leg pads, gloves and full-face helmet).

Cross Country Days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Junior Front suspension 24" wheel bike with disc brakes and basic armour package (arm & leg pads, gloves and xc helmet).
  • Junior Front suspension 20" wheel bike with disc brakes and basic armour package (arm & leg pads, gloves and xc helmet). 

Please see the rental staff for advice on the best size bike for your child.

All purchases are transacted in Canadian Dollars and are subject to applicable taxes. Prices and dates are subject to change without notice.

Need assistance?

Apr 22 - through Summer
8:30am - 5:30pm

1-800-766-0449      604-967-8950 (LOCAL)


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