Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Trail Map & Trail Status

Whistler Mountain Bike Park

Fitzsimmons Zone

Trail Difficulty Name of Trail Open/Closed
Green After Atlantis (Connector Trail) Open
Green Crabapple Turns Open
Green Del Bocca Vista Open
Green EZ Does It - Lower Open
Green EZ Does It - Upper Open
Green ROD Open
Green Shady Acres Open
Green TODD Open
Green Pines of Mar Gables Open
Blue Angry Pirate - Lower Closed
Blue B-Line - Lower Open
Blue B-Line - Upper Open
Blue B-Line Connector Open
Blue Blueseum Open
Blue C-More Open
Blue Crank It Up - Lower Open
Blue Crank It Up - Upper Open
Blue Devil's Club Open
Blue Family Cross Closed
Blue Fantastic Open
Blue Funshine Rolly Drops Open
Blue Golden Triangle Open
Blue Heart of Darkness Open
Blue Ho Chi Min Open
Blue Karate Monkey Open
Blue Longhorn Open
Blue Ninja Cougar Open
Blue Samurai Pizza Cat Open
Blue Smoke and Mirrors Open
Blue Wednesday Night Delight Open
Blue World Cup Single Track Open
Black A-Line - Lower Closed
Black A-Line - Upper Closed
Black A-Line - Zone 5 Open
Black Afternoon Delight Open
Black Angry Pirate - Upper Open
Black Hornet Open
Black Monkey Hands Open
Black Whistler Downhill - Lower Open
Double Black Canadian Open Course - Lower Open
Double Black Canadian Open Course - Upper Open
Double Black Clown Shoes Open
Double Black Detroit Rock City Open
Double Black Dirt Merchant - Upper Closed
Double Black Fade to Black Closed
Double Black French Connection Open
Double Black Joyride - Lower Open
Double Black Joyride - Upper Open
Double Black POLP Fiction Open
Double Black Rippin' Rutabaga Closed
Double Black Schleyer Open
Double Black Tech Noir Open
Double Black Whistler Downhill Open
Pro Line Crabapple Hits Closed
Pro Line Dirt Merchant - Lower Closed
Pro Line Dwayne Johnson Closed

Garbanzo Zone

Trail Difficulty Name of Trail Open/Closed
Blue Blue Velvet - Lower Open
Blue Blue Velvet - Upper Open
Blue Bleuberry Bathtub Closed
Blue Expressway Open
Blue Una Moss Open
Blue Una Moss - Weasel Juice Open
Black Bear Cub Open
Black Bear Cub Connector Open
Black Drop In Clinic Open
Black Duffman Open
Black Freight Train - Lower Closed
Black Freight Train - Upper Closed
Black Little Alder Open
Black Mackenzie River Open
Black No Joke - Lower Open
Black No Joke - Upper Open
Black Original Sin Open
Black Side Track Open
Black Too Tight Open
Double Black Captain Safety Open
Double Black Fatcrobat Open
Double Black Goat's Gully Open
Double Black In Deep Open
Double Black No Duff Open
Double Black Renegade Open
Pro Line D1 Closed

Skills & Parks

Trail Difficulty Name of Trail Open/Closed
Green Fitzsimmons Skills Centre Open
Green GMC Pumptrack Closed
Blue Learning Centre Closed
Blue Intermediate Skills Centre Open
Black Creekside Skills Centre Closed
Double Black Joyride Jump Park Open
Pro Boneyard Slopestyle Park Closed

Please note: Creekside Zone and Peak Zone are CLOSED



Trail Status

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