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Parking in Whistler

Discover where to park when visiting Whistler.

Parking Information

Whistler Parking

Village Day Lots: 1, 2 & 3
  • $10 per day (standard vehicle)
  • $20 per day (oversize vehicle)
  • $2.50 per hour (standard)
  • $5 per hour (oversizee)
  • FREE after 5pm
Village Day Lots: 4 & 5
  • $5 per day (standard vehicle)
  • $2.50 per hour (standard)
  • FREE after 5pm

For more in-depth details on parking in Whistler or questions about refund on monthly parking passes, please visit: RMOW website

Blackcomb Parking

Located at Base 2 on Blackcomb Mountain, there are three on-mountain parking options that allow you to ski or ride right to your vehicle. Parking Lots 6-8 can be accessed via Glacier Lane and remain free.

Blackcomb Base II Lots: 6, 7 & 8
  • FREE Parking

Creekside Parking

The Creekside Base has 1,200 stalls of complimentary underground parking for Whistler Blackcomb guests. The parking garage is easily accessible from Highway 99 at the London Lane intersection. Click to View Parking Maps

Creekside Parkade
  • FREE Parking


Pay by Phone: Whistler Village Day Lots

Simply park your car, make one short phone call and then head for your destination. You will receive a text message reminder before your time expires. You have the option of calling back and extending your parking session from anywhere. PayByPhone parking is convenient, easy and safe.

How Do I Sign Up?

Registration with for a free Verrus PayByPhone account is required and can be done by phone at 604-905-5559 (the account will be activated immediately and the parking session can be started on the initial phone call) or online at: paybyphone.com

Other Paid Parking Option

Advanced Pay Parking: There are also a number of paid parking alternatives in Whistler Village that offer convenient access and they are heated/covered so you can get your gear on in comfort. For more information please visit Advance Net Parking: advancednet.ca

Municipal Parking and Private Parking

In addition to parking in the Day Lots, the municipality offers user-pay parking in the following Whistler Village locations:

  • Whistler Conference Centre (above ground and underground)
  • Whistler Public Library (underground)
  • Municipal Hall
  • On-street Whistler Village

Marketplace businesses provide and maintain 2 hour parking at no charge to guests. In addition, no charge to guest parking is available in Lots 6, 7, 8 and the Creekside Parkade, which are managed by Whistler Blackcomb.

Parking Disputes

Only done through the RMOW website: parking.whistler.ca


How many accessible spots are there in the day lots?

There are 20 accessible parking stalls in the Whistler Village Day Lots in close proximity to the pedestrian exits along Blackcomb Way.

Will smartpark in car meters work in the day lots?

SmartPark meters currently work in all of the municipal lots and on-street parking, except the Day Lots. The SmartPark device uses a SmartCard, which is loaded with a prepaid number of parking hours and is inserted into the SmartPark meter. The SmartPark meter is then placed inside the vehicle and displays the parking zone selected. The Smart Park meter is intended as an affordable option for residents, frequent visitors, and weekenders to park in the Village. Smart Park meters are available for sale at the Municipal Hall C Bylaw Services office.

A Pay By License/License Plate Recognition system was selected to enable the smooth flow of traffic into and out of the lots during peak times; relatively quick enforcement of traffic violations; and effective enforcement during snow events. The parking experience using this technology is intended to be fast, convenient, and seamless for resort guests and locals.

Contact Information

More information about user-pay parking in whistler can be found on the following:

  • www.thewhistlerway.ca
  • calling 604-935-8362
  • e-mailing: info@thewhistlerway.com »
Municipal Hall office


TEL: 604-932-5535
FAX: 604-935-8109
TOLL FREE: 1-866-932-5535
EMAIL: info@whistler.ca

Only answered regular office hours Monday to Friday.

Winter Tires & Chains

October 1 – April 30

To ensure everyone's safety, the West Vancouver Police and Sea to Sky Traffic Services are working together to patrol the highway and administer random tire checks at the Alice Lake turn off. If stopped at a checkpoint, drivers who haven't installed winter tires or tire chains could be turned back.

Winter tires that meet the standards required on the Sea-to-Sky highway are identified by a snowflake on a mountain symbol or the M&S symbol on the tire sidewall. An M&S designation means the tire is rated by the manufacturer for use in Mud and Snow.

Vehicles without designated winter tires must carry chains and will be required to put them on at the checkpoint.

For more visit Winter Tires and Chains on gov.bc