5 Day Snowboard Lesson Monday-Friday (Age 7)

Lesson Type: Group
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Tips for Parents

A few tips to help you get started and make the most of your child's day with our our Whistler Kids Lesson programs.


  • Ensure that they are well rested, have eaten breakfast, and have recovered from jet lag.
  • Bring them dressed and ready to ski or snowboard.
  • Don't worry about tears! Our instructors are kind, caring and trained to calm the fears of your child.
  • If you wish to check on your child, please phone, watch from afar, or ask about our Parent Pager program for the Daycare program.

Please ensure that your child is equipped with the following and that all belongings are labeled:
  • Neck gaiter
  • Goggles and/or sunglasses depending on the weather
  • Sunscreen and lip balm applied. We will reapply after lunch.
  • Waterproof & insulated mittens, gloves, jacket and pants (we have limited clothing rentals for children).
  • Long underwear and turtleneck
  • Warm dry socks
  • Label everything with your child's first and last name.
  • A helmet. Helmets are available for rent and are included in our rental package but supply may be limited at peak times. Helmets are also available for purchase at our sport shops. Helmets are mandatory for all children ages 3-18 participating in our ski and snowboard programs.


Please visit our Snow School Sales Centre at the Carleton Lodge. For guests booked at Blackcomb or Creek Kids, please visit the Blackcomb Daylodge and Creekside locations for equipment and ticket pick-up.

If you are picking up tickets and rentals on your child's first morning, plan to arrive at 8:00 am. If your child has tickets and equipment, please arrive between 8:30 and 8.45 am lessons start at 9.00am.


Your child will spend the day with their instructor and group sliding, exploring, laughing, learning and playing.

Children are grouped with similar ages and ability changes may be made to the level your child is in depending on the ability and speed of the children skiing that day.

If your child has special dietary requirements please discuss them with our sales hosts when making your reservation and again when you arrive to drop off your child. Please be aware that we try to operate "nut free" facilities so we ask that you do not pack any nut products should you choose to pack your own lunch or snack.

Examples of lunch choices includes daily soup and sandwich specials, salad options and a daily hot option.

If your child is newly toilet trained you may wish to pack an extra set of pants and/or a pull up in the case of an accident.

3-4 year olds have lunch and story time between 11:30 and 1:00pm.

5-7 year olds and 8-12 year olds eat lunch in different seating's from 11:30 am to 12:45 pm.

Actual time on snow will vary depending on weather conditions the groups ability and stamina. Some groups will take a quick 30 minute lunch with no breaks and others, usually those who are at the early stages of learning to slide on snow and those groups with younger children, will take more frequent breaks throughout the day to rest and recuperate.

Keep in mind that children learn at different rates and that the child's overall enjoyment of their time at Whistler Kids and on the mountain is most important.


Pick up time is between 3 - 3:30 pm from the base area. You will be required to sign a form releasing your child from the class at the end of the day.