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Women's Camps

Three Camps to Satisfy Your Inner Thrill Seeker

December 04, 2015   •   Megan Wilson

Still think camps are just places where kids make friendship bracelets and sing kumbaya? Think again. Adult ski and snowboard camps have become hugely popular with adventurous souls who are looking for a fun way to improve their skills, meet like minded people, and explore these big mountains. Hold on tight while I give you the rundown of three of Whistler Blackcomb’s most extreme camps.

1. The CAMP

If you love the European ski week experience, this camp is for you. Steeps, bumps, drops, whatever gets your heart pumping, this camp has it. It helps that this camp is absolutely stocked with the crème de la crème of Whistler Blackcomb’s ski instructors. These guys have seen and done it all, and know what it takes to get you sending that couloir you’ve been anxious to try. If that’s not enough, I’ve heard their après sessions are pretty epic too.

The Camp


2. The North Face Women’s Ski Camps

“You ski like a girl” has never been more of a compliment. Designed in partnership with The North Face, the authority in mountain gear, this camp is designed for adventurous ladies who already like to ski, but are ready to take their big mountain skills to the next level. The roster of all-female instructors specializes in taking you from your regular comfort runs to explore the fun nooks and crannies on the mountains. Whether your goal is to drop into Blackcomb Glacier for the first time, or to conquer your first chute, this camp has the goods to have you pushing your skills.

Womens Ski Camps

ARC womens

3. Showcase Women’s Snowboard Camps

There’s something electric about learning with an all-girl crew. Watch another girl land a trick you’ve been dying to get and suddenly it seems possible for you to do it too. Showcase Women’s Snowboard Camps hook you up with likeminded lady shredders and an amazing female coach so you can dial in some new moves. From dropping into the park, to getting deep in the trees, get ready for some serious adventure.

Womens Snowboard Camps