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Family Certified

Meal Options for Kids and Adults
Family Certified

Whistler Blackcomb offers a variety of healthy food options so your little ones get the high quality energy they need to make it from first to last chair.

Restaurant Kids Options

In all of the on-mountain restaurants, some ‘regular’ menu items have an option for a smaller Kid Size portions. With each Kids-Size main, grab 3 healthy snack items to make it a complete combo, for only $9.95. Or grab 3 healthy snack items alone to make it a snack combo, for only $6.25 (snack combo is available for adults too!)

We also offer Kids Options at our full service dining restaurants. Please ask you server for more information on what's available for Kids Options.


Grab any 3 ITEMS with a KIDS MEAL to make a complete the KIDS COMBO


For Kids Only


Grab any 3 ITEMS to make a SNACK COMBO


For All Ages