Fun with a Purpose

At Tamwood your child will gain confidence, character, a sense of adventure and curiosity and skills to give them an edge in this competitive world. Tamwood Camps are not just a vacation; they’re fun with a purpose – to improve your child’s future. Whatever your child dream’s about, with the skills they gain at Tamwood, they can make their dreams come true. Tamwood Camps are about learning, discovering, embracing what life has to offer, becoming the best you can be and at the same time creating amazing memories that will last forever.

Three great program options:

Tamwood English and Activity Camp (Age 7 to 12)
At Tamwood, your child will study improve his or her English skills in classroom setting. Outside the classroom they will be busy making friends from around the world and try exciting activities and adventures.

Tamwood Global Learner Camp (Age 13 to 17)
The Tamwood Teen Global Learner Camp provides teenaged campers with a rich educational experience through English language classes, educational activities, cross cultural living arrangements, leadership training and activities, and critical reflection. The participants are given the learning tools and opportunities needed to develop an awareness of local and global issues, while gaining stronger English language, leadership and cross-cultural communication skills.

Tamwood Outdoor Leadership Camp (Age 13 to 17)
Do More. Learn More. BE MORE! Join a small group of teens from around the world who, are ready for more than what a standard camp offers. You will learn important leadership, team work, outdoor and safety skills as you experience new adventure activities and enjoy wilderness overnight backpacking in the mountains.