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Whistler Adaptive Ski Outreach

At Whistler Blackcomb, we believe that all Guests are entitled to enjoy the beauty and benefits of winter recreation in our unparalleled natural resource. The Whistler Adaptive Ski and Scotia Bank Learn to Ride Program, works in partnership with the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program (WASP) and Whistler Blackcomb. This winter program caters to a full spectrum of skiers and snowboarders from beginner through advanced. Our trained and certified instructors, guides, and assistants will help those with both physical and cognitive disabilities access the slopes of Whistler Blackcomb.

Whistler Adaptive Sports Program

Whistler Adaptive is committed to introducing as many individuals with a disability as possible to sports, therapeutic programming, and recreation.  By breaking down the financial, physical and social barriers as well as creating skills that will lead to future employment within sport and beyond, Whistler Adaptive supports sport for life.

Whistler Adaptive empowers individuals through access to one of the world’s best mountain resorts. Providing the environment, support and opportunity for people with disabilities, they can then become physically active and focus on their abilities. Whistler Adaptive programs are accessible to both children and adults with cognitive, sensory and physical disabilities. Whistler Adaptive serves locals in its community of Whistler, Squamish, Pemberton and Mount Currie, visitors from the lower mainland and across Canada as well as around the globe.

Whistler Adaptive is a registered Canadian charity.  To learn more please visit www.whistleradaptive.com


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The Whistler Adaptive Ski & Snowboard Program offers individualized ski or snowboard instruction to meet the needs of clients with cognitive disabilities. Our lessons are taught by instructors trained to use specialized equipment, techniques, and adaptations specific to the participants disability. Over the years, we have had great success in teaching children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy (and various other disabilities) to ski and snowboard. The skills developed within this program have provided lasting benefits and often served as a catalyst to incorporate other physical activities into our participants lives.


Our ASD Lessons provide an environment which is ideal for increasing social skills, improving communication, and building self-confidence and self-esteem while learning ski, sit-ski, or snowboard skills. Our ASD lesson goals are to provide consistency and support for any behavioral learning strategies which may already be taking place, all leading to further development and independence of the participant. In these lessons the specific skill level is evaluated and recorded for each particpant prior to the program.

A specific plan is developed in cooperation with the parents and staff to meet and enhance the communication level of the participant with ASD. Our staff has been trained in the use of picsyms (if needed) and in creating opportunities to self-initiate requests or needs or to share feelings. They have also been trained to create opportunities to increase the social skills of the child. Our staff, who will be delivering the program to the child with ASD, pre-plans the day given all the prior written information on the child to create a positive day which meets the individual needs of the specific child with ASD. They then review and write a report at the end of the day to assess how the day met the individual goals for the child and then to plan specific strategies and goals for the next day.

If your child (6-18 years old and resides in BC) has been diagnosed with ASD and you have an Autism Funding Agreement, funding may be available through the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development’s Autism Funding: Ages 6-18 Program. Please contact the Autism Funding Unit for pre-approval. Approval is granted on an individual basis.

Please refer to AUTISM FUNDING ELIGIBILITY (For BC Residents) in the “Financial Assistance” section of the price page, for complete details. We cater to all ability levels from ages 3 and up. Lessons typically run from 9am - 3pm. The meeting times may be adjusted to suit your needs.


Standing skiers employ various methods including one, two, three, or four-track skiing techniques. These techniques often use outriggers for balance and are named for the number of tracks left in the snow. Besides instruction, we can also provide physical and psychological support to those looking to be re-introduced to the sport, following injury.


Anybody can try this method. This popular sport makes skiing possible for many people including those with limited lower body strength, people who use wheelchairs; including those with paraplegia and quadriplegia, bilateral lower extremity amputations, or developmental disabilities. We have a full fleet of both bi-skis and mono-skis.

* PLEASE NOTE: There is a weight restriction for sit skiers of 200lbs, due to the holding capacity of the ski/binding


Whistler Adaptive offers a wide variety of snowboarding lessons for the beginner through the expert snowboarder. We have certified Snowboarding Instructors on staff to ensure that your experience is safe and fun. We also have a range of adaptive snowboarding equipment to help you learn and develop your snowboarding skills.


An Instructor provides instruction and/or guiding with or without audio/visual devices.

We offer a full range of products from any of the above full-service lessons to the Lesson Buddy, which allows for integration into the mainstream Whistler Blackcomb Ski School - explained under Program Details.




Due to the demands of the program on staff, volunteers, and equipment, we strongly urge you to book as far in advance as possible. Should your chosen dates already be fully booked, you will have the option to be placed on our wait list for those dates.



This option is for guests booked into any non-Whistler Adaptive Sports Program lessons at Whistler Blackcomb (ie. Adult, Teen, or Whistler Kids Ski/Snowboard School Lessons). This option provides trained personnel to assist the integration of the guest into their mainstream ski school lesson. This option must be used with a ski lesson and is not designed to replace a caregiver. Lift ticket and rental equipment are not included with the Lesson Buddy.



The Whistler Adaptive Ski and Snowboard Program is located inside the Carleton Lodge. To find this store first locate the Whistler Gondola in the Whistler Village, then turn with the gondola directly to your back and you will be facing the Carleton Lodge. Our check-in counter is located at the rear of the store, you will see our Whistler Adaptive Sports Program sign. The wheelchair access is on the left side of the building (with the gondola to your back) take the door to your right at the immediate top of the ramp and follow the signs, this might sound confusing but rest assured we are very easy to find. There is also a ramp on the right side of the patio.



  • Warm clothing, including a hat, water proof jacket/pants, gloves, and goggles.
  • Money to buy lunch or bring a lunch.
  • A smile (one will be supplied, if you don’t already have one)



Our volunteers and instructors are not able to administer medication or cater to specific personal toileting needs. If you need help with these areas please arrange to have a family member or caregiver meet you throughout the day as required. An Accompany Ticket can be provided to facilitate this requirement.



Lesson Only
Lesson + Lift Ticket
Lesson Only
Lesson + Lift Ticket
(Sea to Sky & Lower Mainland Residents)
Buddy Ticket
(Applies to those enrolled in mainstream Snow School Lessons)

Prices include equipment rental if required; the price does not change if you have your own equipment. All lesson with ticket packages include access to the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola.

* Sea to Sky and Lower Mainland area encompasses regions from D’Arcy through Langley


Click here to apply for accompany tickets. Carers are given an access ticket free of charge by the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program.


Available Funding for Persons with Disabilities/Special Needs

We are always looking for available funding sources and ways to reach new participants. If you have any contacts or leads for us, please feel free to email admin@whistleradaptive.com

We sincerely appreciate your referrals.


Established by Sport BC in 1993, KidSport is a community-based sport funding program that provides grants for children aged 6 – 18 to participate in a sport season of their choice. Grants of up to $200 (depending on the community) are to be used for the payment of sport participation / registration fees.


The Canadian Tire Jumpstart program focuses on helping individual children become involved in organized sports and recreational activities to help them develop a healthier lifestyle in their younger years. Canadian Tire Jumpstart is a charitable program that helps kids in financial need aged 4 to 18 participate in organized sport and recreation activities.

The Canadian Tire Jumpstart program works with community organizations to form local Chapters that identify and approve the children who receive support. If you would like to apply for your child to receive support, Canadian Tire Jumpstart accepts applications from eligible families twice per year: 1) the last 2 weeks in January; and 2) the last 2 weeks in July.

The application process is handled through a central toll free call centre 1-877-616-6600. The family name, address, phone number, and other relevant information pertaining to the recreational activity your child would like to participate in will be required and recorded at the time of your call. This information will be passed along to the local Canadian Tire Jumpstart Chapter for review. Applicants will only be contacted should they be approved or if further information is required.


Parents are encouraged to access other avenues of funding, listed above, prior to using Autism Funding.

If your child (6-18 years old and resides in BC) has been diagnosed with ASD and you have an Autism Funding Agreement, funding may be available through the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development’s Autism Funding: Ages 6-18 Program. Please contact the Autism Funding Unit for pre-approval. Approval is granted on an individual basis.

BC Adaptive Snowsports Membership fees, lift tickets, and rentals are not eligible for autism funding. Only the daily 6 hour intervention price from 9am-3pm (reflected in the “ASD Program rate”) can be claimed. To access lessons using your ASD funding through the Autism Funding Unit please submit and authorization to pay to the Ministry and forward a copy of your authorization number and daily rate approval to admin@whistleradaptive.com


Whistler Adaptive provides bursary support for those who show a financial need.  Please visit our website for more information.


 The Whistler Adaptive Ski & Snowboard Program prices have been set to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to access our beautiful mountains and enjoy the freedom and therapeutic benefits of skiing and snowboarding.

We also rely on the generosity of contributions, sponsorship, fundraising efforts, and volunteers to run our services. If you would like to make a donation, contact info@whistleradaptive.com or visit our donations page. Please note the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program is a registered charity. Thank you.