As North America’s #1 Resort, Whistler Blackcomb is also your gateway to a vast area of unmarked and un-patrolled backcountry access in the Garibaldi Provincial Park. 

The allure of backcountry skiing and riding has increased over the last few years and many resorts, as well as manufacturers, are filling this demand with innovative products and services. Gathered below are resources to guides, training, gear, and bulletins to make help make your adventure safe and prepare you for avalanche and glacier hazards.


Patrol - Emergency

For on hill emergencies only


Guides & Tours

Whistler, Canada


Free daily Avalanche Awareness Tours are run by the Whistler Blackcomb Ski Patrol in the winter. These half-day tours cover: Safe travel, terrain evaluation, avalanche phenomenon, control measures within boundary, avalanche safety equipment, and rescue techniques. The tour meets at the Avalanche Hut on the top of Blackcomb Gondola r and leaves at 12:30 for a 2.5hr tour.


Combining the ease and convenience of heli-skiing with the serenity and challenge of ski touring, Extremely Canadian's new heli-assisted ski touring adventures cover all the bases. A unique and remote backcountry experience in the beautiful coast mountains might just be exactly what you’ve been waiting for!


Experience Whistler Blackcomb backcountry with expert guides, tours, and adventures with Extremely Canadian Backcountry Adventures.

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Every member of your group needs to be wearing a transceiver and have knowledge on how to use it. We recommend you take a course and / or hire a certified ACMG guide via Extremely Canadian. 

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Additionally, all members must carry an avalanche probe and a shovel. Once you've got the basics covered, the additional equipment list gets a little fun.

Every member of your group needs to be wearing a transceiver and have knowledge on how to use it. Additionally, all members must carry an avalanche probe and a shovel.



  • Understand this winter's snowpack layers
  • Knowledge of recent snowfall and type of snow
  • Know the current Whistler backcountry Avalanche Advisory rating
  • Understand today's weather conditions including snowfall, temperature, and visibility
  • Never travel alone



Be prepared to cope with emergencies due to fatigue, equipment failures, weather, and avalanches.

  • Evaluate each member's capacity and ability
  • Check the personal equipment of the party
  • Carry a mobile phone with full battery charge
  • Keep hydrated and nourished throughout the day
  • Understand supply levels of liquid and food for the group
  • Pace the travel speed of the party so that no one becomes exhausted
  • Keep the party together but not too close in avalanche terrain
  • The leader should be experienced in route selection
  • Ensure that there are sufficient tools in the group to repair broken skis, skins, and bindings
  • The leader must be capable of organizing a backcountry avalanche rescue including applying first aid and keeping survivors alive until rescuers arrive

Backcountry Programs

Backcountry Privates

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Backcountry Intro Groups

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Backcountry Experienced Groups

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Avalanche Skills Training Level 1+

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Avalanche Skills Training Level 2

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Crevasse Rescue & Glacier Travel

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