When you purchase a chair it does not come with the safety bar or hanger. Chairs are $300 each including all taxes. This does not include the cost of any handling, shipping or delivery.
We do not recommend purchasing a bubble due to safety and maintenance issues BUT If you want to purchase a bubble for a Wizard chair, the cost of the bubble is an additional $50. Please note, the bubbles are not attached to the chair and re-assembling them is the responsibility of the purchaser. There is no replacement hardware available and depending on the size of your truck, the bubble and chair may not fit in one load.
No, as the chairs will not be coming with their hangers and the numbers are attached to the hangers.
No. Whistler Welding www.wwswelding.ca can build them for you at a cost of approximately $225 per stand. Please contact them directly at info@wwswelding.ca to arrange stand and purchase.
The chair dimensions are: 0.65m deep x 2.3m wide x 1.52m high (without stand) 2.0 m high (with a stand)
Approximately 250 pounds. With chair bubble approximately 500 pounds. Again, due to the amount of hardware and maintenance required and pinch points, we discourage purchasing bubbles.
Chairs will be available for pick up Wednesday May 9 from 3-7pm and Saturday May 12 from 10am-2pm.
**If you are picking up the chair please note the weight and dimensions of the chair. If you need assistance loading the chair onto your truck, there will be an additional $25/per chair fee and this service must be pre-arranged and only provided during scheduled pick-up times**
The chairs can be picked up from Parking Lot 8 and must be prearranged with Sandi Wentzel.
Yes. All Time Moving www.alltimemoving.ca will be able to help with this. Please contact them directly for an estimate – please note it will be the buyers responsibility to pay the delivery company for their services. Contact: info@alltimemoving.ca
Unfortunately, we don’t. Please contact your shipper for this service.
Purchase can be made through the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation website – www.whistlerblackcombfoundation.com
Please direct your questions to Sandi Wentzel, Special Projects Coordinator, Whistler Blackcomb Foundation. She can be reached at swentzel@whistlerblackcombfoundation.com