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Come and see the movie for the first time along with some of the pros who are featured.

There is an indisputable draw, an irresistible allure, a pull so strong that skiers and snowboarders the world over gravitate to these famed peaks. This is Magnetic - the first-ever, full-length, ski and snowboard movie filmed entirely within a single ski area - brought to you by Whistler Blackcomb.
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Whistler in Winter
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The Big Picture

We spent last year celebrating 50 years of going beyond, so this year we had to ask ourselves, what does the future hold for us in the next 50 years? We found that we had more questions than answers. Questions like, What if our kids stopped playing outside?, Is our thirst for adventure threatening our environment?, Is the pull of the backcountry pushing our limits? and What is the future of ski resorts? This season, we’ll set out to dig into some of the issues affecting the sports we love. Our hope is to gain some perspective and generate some conversation with four documentaries exploring these big picture questions - produced with the support of TELUS and created by Switchback Entertainment.


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The Beyond Series
A closer look at the people that make the place and their dedication to never standing still.  The Beyond Series is a 4-part web series produced with the support of TELUS. Learn More