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SheFX Club

NEW for DFX we are introducing SheFX! The same awesome DFX structure and coaches but groups built with all girls. Coaches will provide a creative environment to progress skills to the next level, whether your daughter is just getting into mountain biking or already competing in Phat Wednesdays. Our goal is to have a strong emphasis on building the right team, encouragement and getting ready to take on whatever challenge is next. We will have groups of all abilities for your daughter to find new riding buddies at her level or bring a group of friends that we can build a group around. The number one goal is to get more girls stoked to ride!

Why SheFX?

Throughout the 10 years of DFX we have seen the number of female riders in DFX decrease after the age of 8, we are hoping to turn this around. Many of the girls who continue have ended up in groups with all boys of varying ages, while this works for some it doesn’t work well for others. We have also seen girls get into mountain biking at older ages and only have groups with much younger children at their ability. Girls of this age tend to drop out of sport if their friends do. With the development of SheFX we are hoping to create a group that will work for everyone where they can ride with a group of friends or meet peers that they can progress with as they continue to develop their passion for biking.

SheFX will be replacing The Female Development Team. Jaime Hill will still be riding with the highest level groups in SheFX and will also be the head coach of a team of awesome coaches.

SheFX will only be running on Monday and Wednesday in the Summer from Creekside. If you have a group of girls that would like to ride together for Spring and/or Fall please let us know and we would be happy to form a group around them.


  July 1 - Aug 28, 2019 SESSIONS CHILD 8 -16 YRS
  Mondays & Wednesdays 18 $1115 $1305

Early Bird price valid for booking made by April 30th, 2019.

Regular price valid from May 1, 2019.

Rates do not include taxes. Rates include full bike season pass, that can also be used on none DFX days. Number of sessions spent in the Bike Park will depend on the ability level and interest of the whole group. Groups that are intermediate and above doing alternate days XC and DH.


  • Drop off 8:45am to 9:15am.
  • Pick up is 3:00pm to 3:30pm.
  • Lunch is not provided, please provide a packed lunch with snacks suitable to taken on the trails.
  • Bike suitable for the xc trails and Bike Park. Disc brakes highly recommended. Bike should have a minimum of front suspension and be suitable to go in the Bike Park regularly for rider's ability level intermediate and above.
  • Arm and leg armour, bike gloves and a hydration pack are required every day. A well-fitting XC helmet for XC days AND a full face for park days (ability level intermediate and above). Full body armour recommended for Park days.
  • Groups for beginner to expert riders.
  • Minimum biking requirement: Have ridden comfortably on easy single track trails in the valley.

CREEKSIDE KIDS – Creekside Courtyard opposite Dusty’s
  • Age 8 - 16 all levels Beginner to Expert


  1. Meet from 8:45 to 9:15am, groups will leave to ride at 9:15am sharp - please be on time and ready to go. We will be riding either on the trails or in the Bike Park for most of the day. Sometime will be spent at parks and lakes especially on hotter days but as the groups progress the amount of time spent off the trails will decrease.
  • Beginner and Novice groups will mostly be riding XC building up to riding some days in the Bike Park, you child's coach will let you know when their group is ready.
  • Intermediate and up groups will ride XC on Mondays and in the Bike Park on Wednesdays, unless your child's coach informs you differently, so please come with the appropriate bike and equipment (including a full face helmet).
  1. Lunch will be at approximately 12:00pm back at Base or on the trails. Sometimes on longer 'expedition days' lunch may be taken with us or dropped off for us at a park or lake. Depending on the groups stamina breaks will be taken in the morning and afternoon as needed but the majority of the day will be on our bikes.
  2. Pickup is from 3:00pm to 3:30pm each child must be signed out by a parent. If your child will be picked up by someone else please inform the coach in the morning. If you would like your child to sign out by themselves please ask your child's coach for a sign out permission form.

We will be riding in all weather, so please make sure your child is prepared with rain gear and sunscreen!
Female Development Program

Jaime Hill - Program Head Coach

Program Head Coach

Jaime Hill

Downhill mountain bike racer, coach, mentor and lifelong adventure seeker...

Jaime began her athletics career as a world-class competitive gymnast and coach, where she had the opportunity to represent Canada at several World Championships, Commonwealth Games and a host of other prestigious international competitions. Jaime carries the same drive, determination, work ethic and professionalism required to be an Olympic level gymnast into her career as a mountain bike athlete and coach.

After graduating from University, on a full NCAA gymnastics scholarship, Jaime made her way to Whistler, BC where she fell in love with biking and the adventures that came with it.

Jaime brings a unique approach to mountain bike instruction, with over 10 years of experience as a fully certified NCCP competitive gymnastics coach, coupled with a Level 3 PMBI MTB instructor certification and NCCP intro to MTB competition. Jaime has been part of MTB coaching programs like Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps, TaG Youth Development Cycling Camps, WORCA Monday Night Ride Guide Program and the Ride Like a Girl Mentorship Program. Jaime’s key message to young up & coming riders, “is to set lots of small goals and work at “checking them off your list” …but remember, amidst all the training and racing, keep it fun; that’s why we ride bikes in the first place!
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