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Are your 3 -18 year olds looking for a whole summer of fun, riding their bike, learning new skills, and making new friends? DFX Club has a group for kids of all ages and abilities, from beginner to expert. With our experienced kids coaches your child will develop their skills in all aspects of mountain biking – Downhill, Freeride and Cross Country, DFX does it all!
Small Bikes, Big Fun


Groups will ride all the over the valley experiencing all the trails Whistler has to offer during the Cross Country portion and once riders are ready will move into the Whistler Bike Park to develop their downhill skills.
  • All programs summer (July and August) include a season's pass for the Whistler Mountain Bike Park.
  • All programs are season long, no drop-ins available.



  • Is your child aged 3, 4 or turning 5. Are they riding a run bike or a two wheel pedal bike? Are they just starting out and looking to develop mountain bike skills? Does your 3 or 4 year old already shred on the trails? We have groups for run bikers, new 2 wheel riders and those already comfortable on the trails. We have programs in the spring, summer and fall.
The DFX MINI SHREDDER program will help your child learn the skills they need to know to get started on XC trails.


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  • Is your child just starting out and developing skills? Are they new to mountain biking or new to the area? Try one of our beginner or novice groups.
  • Or is your child already an all-round rider looking to learn advanced skills, increase their trail knowledge and push their boundaries? We have groups for intermediate all the way to expert riders.

The DFX CLUB program will help your child learn the skills they need to know before advancing to higher levels.


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  • Is your child only interested in riding Downhill? Are they already an intermediate rider?
Check out our DFX PARK group that focus solely on DH skills and riding in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park.


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  • Is your child/teen already an advanced or expert rider?

Our specialized programs, DFX RIDE and Whistler Development Team, will keep developing your child's skills, pushing their limits and keeping them stoked to ride.


Whistler Development Team

Female Development Team

Do you need before and after care for child. We offer season long and drop in options.


Aftercare ONLY is also available in the Spring and Fall for the Mini Shredder program.


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A great way to experience all that Whistler Mountain Bike Park has to offer for 5-16 year old bikers. Give your child the best day of their week, any day of the week with camp packages that can be tailored to any length of visit, available in buy 2 get the 3rd one free discounted packages, or as a daily drop in.
Our DFX camp program offers a full 5 days of lessons mixing 3 days of XC with 2 days of DH. From beginner riders to advanced shredders, we keep the excitement levels high and the smiles stretched from ear to ear.


  • I am still getting used to my bike and I ride on pavement or wide gravel trails.
  • I can ride comfortably on a two wheel pedal bike and know how to use my hand brakes.
  • I am still working at my stamina for longer distances and I haven't ridden much on dirt trails.
  • I am comfortable on green and easy blue single track trails, I can confidently use my hand brakes and change gears.
  • I can ride and carry momentum through bumpy, rooty sections of trail without putting my feet down.
  • I can ride down some stairs, wide ladder bridges and skinnys on the ground.
  • I am comfortable riding longer distances (8-10 km with breaks) and I don't complain when pedaling uphill.
  • I am comfortable on all blue single track trails.
  • I can maintain my momentum and ride through rocky, rooty sections both up and down.
  • I have good stamina both up and down trails and can pedal long distances (10-15 km with breaks).
  • I can comfortably ride raised ladder bridges and small rock faces.
  • I know how to do a front wheel lift.
  • I am a strong rider on all blues and easy blacks and I can ride all or most of the features.
  • I am confident on this level of trail in the Bike Park and cross country.
  • I ride at a moderate but safe speed and carry my momentum.
  • I can do a rear wheel lift, bunny hops, a track stand, and small jumps and drops with correct technique.
  • I am excited to ride steep roll downs, raised ladder bridges and technical trails.
  • I am comfortable at fast speeds on all black trails both cross country and in the Bike Park.
  • I can pick a line through difficult technical sections, ride steep rock faces and raised skinnys.
  • I have good technique and can carry and judge my speed to do medium jumps and drops.
  • I am excited to ride long difficult trails and have good stamina for long climbs (15-20 km rides with breaks).
  • I am prepared to be out on the trail or riding in the Bike Park all day.
  • I am confident at high speeds on all trails, I can climb easily up technical trails and ride all the features on black and some double black trails both cross country and in the Bike Park.
  • I can clear large drops and jumps with correct technique.
  • I love to ride and really want to push myself to be better and stronger on my bike.

Need assistance?

Apr 22 - through Summer
8:30am - 5:30pm

1-800-766-0449      604-967-8950 (LOCAL)


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